The Caerusnet REDEMPTION – Team Canton’s “Near Death” Experience Should Inspire US All


Enjoy and learn from this insightful discussion between Caerusnet Founder, Steven Zyskowski, and the founding Members of Caerusnet Canton. Their journey to success was earned through doing the right things and having the right attitudes.  This team has faced challenges that other teams may not have rebounded from.  Not only did team Canton rebound from major member loss (they went from 15 Members down to 7) but today, they are a prized Caerusnet team of almost 24 Members.  What did they do to break through the glass ceiling?  Watch Caerusnet Canton’s Redemption to find out.

A BIG “thank  you” to Members Steven Burkhalter, Stacey Jaime, Todd Barr, Wade Myers and Julie Riley for volunteering your time to share your story with the entire Caerusnet network!

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