How long are the meetings?

Caerusnet meetings are no longer than 60 minutes. We recommend joining the meeting a minimum of five to ten minutes early so the Facilitator can properly welcome you and give you a fast debriefing before the meeting starts. 

What types of professions are the best fit for a Caerusnet team?

Any small business that depends on local word of mouth referrals for their financial success is a good fit. Typically, businesses that work directly with the public or directly with other businesses are a great fit. Just 30 Members can belong to any one Caerusnet team, no matter what their individual professions are.  Only one business type per team (one website designer, one massage therapist, etc.) makes it so categories of business are exclusive.  This short, one minute video will help you prepare in advance of your visit.

How much does it cost and who do I pay?

Membership costs vary from team to team as the Facilitator (not Caerusnet) determines the prices to be charged.  Generally, the initial Member Registration Fee ranges from $150-250 and the monthly ongoing Member Fee ranges from $50.00-$95.00.  The individual Facilitators (not Caerusnet) bills their Members directly for the services of facilitating the referral team meeting.  Our Members have told us that we deliver the best value for structured referral networking in the communities we serve!

How often are the meetings and what if I miss a few?

Caerusnet recommends Facilitators schedule a minimum of 30 weeks of meetings per year. We recommend Members shoot for a minimum of 80% attendance (about 24 meetings per year), which should provide for a multitude of opportunities for the Members to get to know, like and trust each other.

What am I paying for?

That’s the question most Members ask when they’ve belonged to a Member-Ran “chapter”, because, not only are they asked to be a Member, they’re also often asked to be officers (president, membership committee, etc.) and take charge of the team’s success. At Caerusnet, Members are paying the Facilitator for the meeting facilitation services they provide to the team. These services include, but aren’t limited to: preparing for and then running the 1 hour team meeting, delivering education to the team, following up with visitors/prospects, tracking team metrics (spotlight schedule, referrals, attendance, etc) and encouragement and motivation!   The facilitators want to be thought of as your “partner in referrals”.

Can I invite other businesses to meetings?

Yes!  We hope you will enjoy the meetings so much you’ll want to share Caerusnet with other professionals you think would benefit.  Some facilitators even offer incentives for doing so!

How do I find a meeting?

Click here for list of locations.

What if there are no Caerusnet team meetings taking place where you want to network?

No Caerusnet teams meeting in your local market?  Let’s change that together! If you’re a great networker or you know of someone who is who want to Facilitate a Caerusnet team … click here to learn more about our Facilitator Licensing opportunity.

Can I belong to more than one Caerusnet team?

Caerusnet recommends you belong to as many teams as you can do well.   Remember, each Facilitator is independent of each other and is the ultimate decider of Membership decisions.

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