This Life Coach Literally “Horses Around” With Her Clients

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Caerusnet founder and facilitator, Steven Zyskowski interviews Caerusnet Brighton Tuesday 8AM team member, Penny Wilson, owner of A Path 2 Transformation.  Caerusnet treasures the diversity of businesses that are making a difference on our facilitated referral teams in Michigan.  Be sure to give this a watch: Click here to connect with Penny Enjoy these […]

Katie & Michigan SEO Love Sharing What They Know in Caerusnet

Katie Blacker from Michigan SEO Group has been an active and welcoming Caerusnet member on the Ann Arbor Tuesday 11AM team since first joining in June, 2018.  In addition to writing digital content for her company’s clients, she also helps Michigan SEO Group with local relationship marketing.  She’s athletic and competitive and is involved coaching […]

Landscape Designer Trisha Turner Is A Referral Machine In Caerusnet

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In this short interview (produced by Livingston County, MI radio station, WHMI in partnership with the Howell Chamber of Commerce, Caerusnet Member, Trish Turner, owner of Turner Design Group LLC, discusses where her business came from since she started her company in February, 2020. Caerusnet can only take some credit for Trisha’s success as a […]

Fitness Coach Evan Raoof Has Earned 7X Return On His Caerusnet Investment

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Fitness & Wellness Coach, Evan Raoof, of The Fitliving Academy (Caerusnet Canton Thursday 1PM) has learned to become a great networker to advance his business. As a result of his determination and giving spirit, he’s gotten a return of SEVEN TIMES back on his Caerusnet investment in membership. This interview shares some great tips and […]

Flagstar Bank’s Sierra White Found Her Networking Best Friend In Caerusnet

Flagstar Bank believes in crafting great relationships with its customers.  No other Michigan bank has as many branch managers as members in Caerusnet than Flagstar.  It’s a testimony the bank’s universal belief that being approachable and visible in the community holds the key to being able build solid relationships with local businesspeople. Sierra White is […]

Top 5 Benefits of Caerusnet Online Facilitated Referral Teams

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Caerusnet Founder Steven Zyskowski and Wendy Caverly of Caerusnet Connections discuss the benefits of being a member of a local, facilitated referral team that also does its team meetings online. Both Steve & Wendy facilitate all of their team meetings online.  One of the wonderful things about Caerusnet, is that the Facilitator of each team makes […]

Christie Returns To Caerusnet As A Yoga Entrepreneur

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Christie Hajduk (pronounced “Hi, Duke”) used to be in Caerusnet approximately 5 years ago.  Initially, she was in Caerusnet while working in the digital marketing space.  However, life has a way of taking us in new directions, as we discover ourselves and get clarity with purpose. Residing in Livingston County, Christie is now a practicing […]