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About Us

Caerusnet Invented

“Facilitated Referral Teams”

We have helped thousands of Michigan small business professionals increase their referrals over the past 10 years

and we can’t wait to help YOU!

You are welcomed to visit any of our Facilitated referral teams for free to experience a fast-paced 1HR Facilitated referral team meeting! By attending a meeting, you’ll have a much better idea of how we help you make more sales by referral.

A BRIEF HISTORY:  The Caerusnet Facilitated Referral Team System was developed in 2008 by social entrepreneur, Steven Zyskowski, expressing his burning desire to help small business professionals and passionate networkers join and/or form their own referral passing teams that are both fun and profitable.

Every Caerusnet team is run by a Facilitator who is using the Caerusnet Referral Team System (CRTS) as their guiding principles. With instant, ongoing access to the Caerusnet copyrighted materials and know how, the Facilitator runs the meetings, delivers education to the team to help them Master the Art of Referrals, sets the meeting agenda and follows up with visitors. The Members are asked to learn how to consistently pass referrals and invite other professionals to visit the team so everyone can benefit.

Caerusnet has developed a series of guiding principles and commonly used strategies for growing referral teams and helping the local business community strengthen by referral.  The Facilitator & the Members of any given team are partners working together to build a strong referral community. Members are never asked to be officers, chair special committees or attend additional required training.  Facilitators also have virtually complete freedom to run their teams in a way they believe, based on their personal experiences, will make it successful.

Being a Member of a local Caerusnet Facilitated small business referral team is a wise investment of precious face-to-face marketing time.   In fact, our Members have benefited by the  tens of thousands of referrals the Caerusnet system has helped them produce!

Member Testimonials:

“This group is great! Not only do I benefit from all the referrals being passed but I also find the Toolbox and advice from other members extremely helpful to my ever-growing small business. Five stars!” – Stacey Jamie, Stacey’s Salon, Canton, MI

“Amazing group of people led by someone who really cares about growing your local business. Flexible hours, friendly people, and lots of real referrals. Can’t say enough nice things about Steve Zyskowski and the Brighton Caerusnet referral team!” – Dr. Aaron Bannister, Two Roads Wellness, Brighton, MI

“I have been with Caerusnet since 2011. I have met so many different people in diverse businesses. I would not have had that opportunity anywhere else. I love my referral group. The energy is contagious.” – Susan Walton, CPA, Brighton, MI

“Gotta love Caerusnet! I have enjoyed these weekly business networking meetings since 2011. Attending Caerusnet is a wonderful way to make new friends, give and receive business referrals, and grow your business. It is a leader run group, so all you have to do is show up and be ready to connect with other like-minded, motivated business owners!” – Maria Sylvester, Life Empowerment Coaching, Ann Arbor, MI

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