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Encore of Doug Moffat’s ReferralTopia 2021 Presentation “Humble Inquiry”

Enjoy this awesome presentation by Doug Moffat given live at ReferralTopia 2021.  The spoken word is one of the best ways to intentionally live your life and create the world you want.  Save the date for ReferralTopia2022: April 21, Earth Day eve.  


ReferralTopia2021 – We Planted The Seeds of New Referral Relationships!

Approximately 200 local Michigan small business professionals registered to attend ReferralTopia on Earth Day, April 22, 2021.  The event ran from 9AM-3PM on Zoom and was followed up by an in person mixer at Ginopolis Smokehouse in Brighton, attended by approximately 50 networkers.  ReferralTopia attendance was attended by approximately 50% Caerusnet Members (past, present and […]


Coach Evan Has A Healthy Referral Mindset In Caerusnet

As a Member of the Caerusnet Canton team, Evan Raoof is passionate about helping his clients train for the performance of their lives.  He helps his clients understand how to approach fitness in a way they can successfully adopt into their lives to become a meaningful part of their daily living.  We had a chance […]


The Caerusnet REDEMPTION – Team Canton’s “Near Death” Experience Should Inspire US All

  Enjoy and learn from this insightful discussion between Caerusnet Founder, Steven Zyskowski, and the founding Members of Caerusnet Canton. Their journey to success was earned through doing the right things and having the right attitudes.  This team has faced challenges that other teams may not have rebounded from.  Not only did team Canton rebound […]


Caerusnet’s 2020 MVPs Receive Awards & Share Wisdom With US

On January 29th, 2021, Caerusnet Founder, Steven Zyskowski, along with participating Michigan Facilitators, welcomed and recognized the amazing efforts of the collective class of 2020 Caerusnet MVP award winners! This is a must watch for any Caerusnet Member an all passionate networkers in general, as these outstanding MVPs share their collective wisdom on how they […]


Building Trust With Landscape Designer Trisha Turner

  Trisha Turner has been turning heads in Caerusnet.  Her energetic and honest presence is felt at every meeting.  Until she joined Caerusnet a couple years ago, she didn’t know much about the farming process involved in growing a business by referral.  That knowledge has come in handy this year as Trisha launched Turner Design […]


PODCAST – Pandemic Induced Innovation: Online Referral Teams with Steven Zyskowski

When Shelter in Place orders closed Michigan businesses, Caerusnet founder, Steve Zyskowski was forced to migrate hundreds of members to an entirely online video-based experience. With precious little time and less experience, Steve was able to refashion the business, and many of the previous limits to the business model have disappeared in the process.  Listen […]


Vera Davis: Portrait Of An Awesome Caerusnetter!

Vera Davis (dba Vera Davis Photography) just celebrated her three-year Caerusversary – three years as a Caerusnet Member!  As a strong heartbeat on the high energy, Ann Arbor Tuesday 1PM referral team, Vera has given and received some wonderful referrals over the past few years.  Caerusnet Founder, Steven Zyskowski, recently connected with Davis to learn […]


David Kelley Speaks Up About The Art of Referrals with Livingston & Commerce Hearing Centers

David Kelley has been an outstanding Member of the Caerusnet Brighton Tuesday 8AM team since first joining in May, 2013.  He attends at least 90% of the team meetings, gives referrals and invites visitors.  With every word clearly enunciated, David always delivers fantastic information during his Member Minutes and would certainly be considered one of […]


“So, you’ve published a book?!” – Be The Brand They Remember with Social Good Promotion’s Roger Burnett on Staying Connected

    Roger Burnett of Social Good Promotions just released a book he co-authored, Red Goldfish! Congratulations to Roger on this great accomplishment! Watch this short but super informative video to learn more. Here’s a link to order the book on Amazon: If you want to connect with Roger, here’s his website: If […]


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