ReferralTopia Oct 12th Event Recap

It was an awesome morning for professional development and networking for those who attended ReferralTopia on October 12th.   Attendees self-naviagted ReferralTopia using a landing page to select which speaker and/or networking sessions they wished to attend.  100% of ReferralTopia attendees who participated in the exit poll at the end of ReferralTopia responsed, “HECK, YEAH!”  when asked if they’d be attending the next ReferralTopia!  The event ran from 9AM-1130AM and later that day many members jumped off the Zoom screen to attend the ReferralTopia afterglow at the Fowling Warehouse in Ypsilanti (Caerusnet Saline members).  A good time was had by all those who attended and Sydney Plaskey from Sunny’s on The Corner (Caerusnet Brighton Wed 10AM) did a pop store at the Fowling Warehouse.  Here’s a link to Sydney’s online store.  Use code: Caerusnet to get a discount when at the online checkout.

The three ReferralTopia speakers: Kevin Suboski / Fastest Rout, Penny Wilson / APath2Tranformation and Minesh Baxi / Minesh Baxi & Associates all gave three fantastic presentations.  The exit survey showed all three presentations were equally appreciated.  Please see the full recorded presentations in this post.  In addition, ReferralTopia helpe raise funds for SentWithLove – a non profit providing some light to kids with cancer in some of their darkest times.

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