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Established in 2008, the Caerusnet™ Facilitated Referral Team System is a proven warm referral generator in Michigan!

  • Get paid to Facilitate your own Caerusnet referral passing team in your desired area.
  • Crush the competition as you get to exclusively represent your category of business (i.e. real estate agent) on the team you Facilitate.
  • Use a proven system others have been using since 2008 and get paid to network, even if you don’t get a referral.
  • Ideal for professionals who count on local word of mouth referrals to grow their business.
  • Members pay all their Membership fees directly to the Facilitator of each team, creating cash flow for the Facilitator.
  • There is a nominal fee to become a Facilitator of a local team in your desired area and you get a six month trail period to launch your team without any additional fees.
  • After six months, Facilitators pay a nominal monthly licensing fee.
  • Facilitators make all decisions regarding Memberships on their teams.
  • We strongly believe in the concept of referral teams and provide ongoing support to our Michigan Facilitators.
  • Ideal Facilitators are likely to be: real estate agents, independent financial advisors, insurance agents, business coaches and/or health and wellness professionals.   However, any business person that loves networking and counts on local referrals is eligible to Facilitate a Caerusnet team.
  • Previous referral networking experience not necessary.
  • Start by facilitating a single referral team and add another one later on to double your referral success.

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Complete the form located at the very bottom of the screen and a FREE Caerusnet Facilitator Self-Assessment will be automatically emailed to you!
The assessment will help you understand if you are likely to be a good fit  for licensing a Caerusnet referral team(s) and includes more details not provided here. 

Yes!  I think I would do a great job running a single referral team and I’d like to learn more about what’s involved in licensing the Caerusnet Referral Team System.  Please email me additional details and the self assessment form after I submit my request for information below.

Introducing Chief Referral Officer™!  Can you imagine making a living as a professional networker?  A career facilitator seeks to run up to nine teams as a professional focus.  If this is you, please type “Chief Referral Officer” in the box at the bottom of the screen in addition to who referred you to us.

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