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Chicken Farmer In Caerusnet Needs Our Help To Save The World & The Compelling Story of Heath Farms

In this fun episode of Staying Connected, Caerusnet Founder, Steven Zyskowski connects with Rob Heath of Heath Farms in Milan Michigan. Rob is the first ever chicken farmer in Caerusnet and you must try his amazingly healthy bone broth! Phenomenal story. Rob’s family is anti-factory farming and anti-chemicals. They farm only pasture raised chickens […]


“So, you’ve published a book?!” – Be The Brand They Remember with Social Good Promotion’s Roger Burnett on Staying Connected

    Roger Burnett of Social Good Promotions just released a book he co-authored, Red Goldfish! Congratulations to Roger on this great accomplishment! Watch this short but super informative video to learn more. Here’s a link to order the book on Amazon: If you want to connect with Roger, here’s his website: If […]


Staying Connected With Steven Zyskowski & Nicole Colley – Walk To End ALZ

JOIN the Caerusnet Brighton Walk team (open to all Caerusnet Members) AND/OR please consider making an appreciated donation, by clicking here: SAVE THE DATE! Walk to End Alzheimer’s CONTINUES Saturday, October 3, 2020. 2020 WALK IS EVERYWHERE! The pandemic is changing HOW we walk, but it doesn’t change the NEED to walk. This year, […]


Why We Should Get To Our Caerusnet Meeting Early

While the Caerusnet referral team meetings are 1HR long, Members are always encouraged to get attend 10 minutes before the meeting starts. Why? Often, there is great conversation, laughter are more! Watch the benefits of arriving early including being able to sing Happy Birthday to a fellow Member!


It’s All About Giving & Receiving With Carmo

Carmo Ribeiro began his Caerusnet Membership in Ann Arbor with Facilitator, Doug Moffat and other dynamic professionals on the Ann Arbor Wednesday 10AM team.  He had such a great experience meeting quality people through the Ann Arbor team, that after one year of Membership, he also decided to join the Canton Thursday 1PM team.   It’s […]


Caerusnet Member Spotlight Creativity

One of the most enjoyable parts of every Caerusnet team meeting is the 10 Minute Member Spotlight Presentation.  The Caerusnet Member Toolbox Manual has an entire section covering the important things consider sharing during a Member Spotlight.  In addition to those great suggestions, we encourage you to take note of these three excellent 10 Minute […]


Staying Connected with FundALife’s Mark Howell

In this episode of Staying Connected, Caerusnet Founder, Steven Zyskowski connects with Mark Howell, Founder of the non-profit “Fund a Life”. Phenomenal story. Mark has been on both sides of giving and receiving help in life. Let’s support him in his BIG HAIRY GOAL of reaching $1,000,000. in funding for to help others with unfortunate […]


Hassan Hodges Is Feeling The Referral Love In Caerusnet

Hassan Hodges’ was invited to visit the Caerusnet Ann Arbor 11AM referral team by Jim Campbell (a long standing, successful Member of the team who holds the world record for helping more professionals learn about Caerusnet than just about anyone).  While having first seen Hassan’s photographic images on Facebook, Jim could see that Hassan had […]


Ben Torres Has The Referral Mindset In Caerusnet

Ben Torres started his Caerusnet Membership journey back in 2013.  As a Member of an Ann Arbor Caerusnet team, he learned the magic of developing a referral mindset and experienced success for both himself and other Members.  In 2015, he joined the Caerusnet Saline team, facilitated by the outstanding Steve Bebber.  One thing is for […]


This Event Planner Is a Real ‘Jem’ In Caerusnet!

As I’ve gotten to know Julie Palmer, I realized that she has an unmistakably unique presence, anchored by personal warmth, enthusiasm and creativity.  She’s following her passion in Caerusnet, expanding her network and helping Members and their referrals plan their next amazing events.  She’s the driving force behind ReferralTopia, Caerusnet’s annual Michigan Member extravaganza (scheduled […]


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