Referral Strategies

PODCAST: Defining Your Career On Your Own Terms

Can a career that conforms to the specific needs of your situation bring happiness AND success? Does cynicism and fear stand in the way of your personal progress? Listen in on this “So, You’re In Sales?” PODCAST featuring Caerusnet Members MaryBeth Potrykus (Mama Bear Productions) and Roger Burnett (Social Good Promotions) for a timely discussion […]


Tim Beebe Gets A “Buzz” Over Referrals!

Tim Beebe began his Caerusnet referral team journey several years ago as a founding Member of the Canton Thursday 1PM team of which he is still an active Member of today.  He has also been a Member on multiple Caerusnet teams over the years (in Brighton & Ann Arbor) where he learned how to develop […]


Dreams Are Real Podcast With Dan McPherson & Steven Zyskowski

Be sure to give a listen to this episode of the Dreams Are Real Podcast with Caerusnet Saline, Michigan Member, Dan McPherson of Leaders Must Lead and Steven Zyskowski, the Chief Referral Officer of Caerusnet Facilitated Referral Teams. Click the photo below and off you go!


Doug Moffat’s Transformation From Caerusnet Member into Caerusnet Facilitator

The last time we sat down with Doug Moffat was in 2015.  At that time, he was working for a large insurance company and was a Member of the Brighton Wednesday 8AM team, of which he was also a founding Member.  Fast forward to today, Doug is now self-employed and enjoying his new found freedom […]


It’s all “Good” with this Caerusnet MVP Mortgage Lender

Cherie Good wants to be known as “Your Good Lender” with Level One Bank.  Beyond that, Cherie wants to be much more to her clients than they may typically expect from a mortgage lender and she does that by being a fantastic referral source.  Giving great referrals allows Cherie to deepen her relationships with her […]


Jason Tracey’s “Business On A Bike” With Wendy Caverly

Enjoy this episode of Jason Tracey’s “Business On A Bike” he rides into Howell to spend time with Wendy Caverly, the Chief Referral Officer of Caerusnet Connections!


The Power of Referral Teams Episode 1

Great watch and learn from the Fuel4Business first episode on YouTube !   Great interaction and synergy with host, Chris Smith of Fuel For Business and guest, Wendy Caverly, Chief Referral Officer and Caerusnet Facilitator for Caerusnet Connections. Be sure to watch both Part A & B of Episode One of Fuel4Business.


POCAST: Seize Every Day With Caerusnet’s Doug Moffat & Roger Burnett

What would YOU do if you were able to pursue gratification instead of income? Doug Moffat, Caerusnet Facilitator, joins Roger Burnett from the “So You’re In Sales?” podcast for a discussion about the vital importance to seizing the opportunity found in every day, his pivot away from a career that made him miserable and what’s […]


Alex Helps Referrals Find Their Perfect Franchising Fit In Caerusnet

Alex Roberts is a franchise consultant—a matchmaker and guide for people looking for an opportunity to be their own boss. Through a proven process, he helps them find franchise opportunities that perfectly suit their professional and personal goals, making career dreams come true. Why franchising? The world of franchising offers a plethora of benefits and […]


Caerusnet Teams That Overcame Challenges & Now Flourish

In the not too distant past, both the Brighton Tuesday 8AM and Canton Thursday 1PM Caerusnet teams were both experiencing shrinking pains.  Each team was losing more Members than they were gaining and it got to a point that it was necessary to call a “time out” from the regular meeting agenda.  At one time, […]


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