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Staying Connected with Caerusnet’s Facilitators

In this video recorded ZOOM meeting from March 27th, 2020 – Caerusnet Facilitators discuss how to effectively lead during the global crisis and the commitment to stay together. Most Facilitators attended the ZOOM meeting and the ones on the screen are: Tom Hamp and Chaz Carrillo (Lansing) Steven Bebber (Saline), Doug Moffat (Brighton & Ann […]


PODCAST How cold is cold calling these days?

From Soundcloud’s “So, your in sales?” podcast, enjoy listening to this new “know, like, trust” discussion between Michigan Caerusnet Members Roger Burnett (Social Good Promotions) and Val Kearns (Paychex).  Especially important if you do hunting and farming in the sales world. Payroll processing industry vet Valerie Kearns joins me for a look at the COVID_19 […]


Destruction Depot Stays Connected In Caerusnet

by Steven Zyskowski To say Rachel Crawford has been “destroying it” as a Caerusnet Connections Howell Member would be an understatement.  I met Rachel recently and was fascinated by her unique business.  I would assume that after everything we’ve all been through, and stay at home orders are lifted, more people than ever will be […]


Sarah Harrier’s Referral Therapy In Caerusnet

Most of our Caerusnet Member Success Stories come from Members who have been around for a year or more.  In this piece, we will get the perspective of a newer Caerusnet Member, Sarah Harrier from Blue Lotus Therapy Services in Brighton.  Her fantastic charm, confident smile and humble intelligence make for a fantastic combination of […]


Staying Connected With Steven Z & Jimmie P!

This episode of Staying Connected In Caerusnet features Caerusnet Founder, Steven Zyskowski and Executive Wealth Management CFP, James “Jimmie” Plaskey. How has today’s world shaped the view of this intelligent, young CFP? Any thoughts on staying strong and positive? #knowliketrust #godsofopportunity #caerusnet


PODCAST: Skydiving for Referrals Without A Parachute

Listen in on this “So, You’re In Sales?” PODCAST featuring Caerusnet Facilitator, Wendy Caverly (Caerusnet Connections) and Caerusnet Member, Roger Burnett (Social Good Promotions) for a valuable discussion about her path toward capitalizing on her biggest strengths and finding the courage to go for it when nothing even suggested success was waiting. We also cover […]


PODCAST: Discovering Sales Greatness, Even During the Great Recession!

2008 was an unfortunately unforgettable year for most Americans and Mike Langford’s sales and marketing career was forged in some of the most difficult days of that Great Recession! Listen in on this “So, You’re In Sales?” PODCAST featuring Caerusnet Members Mike Langford (Turtle Hut Internet Marketing) and Roger Burnett (Social Good Promotions) for a […]


PODCAST: Defining Your Career On Your Own Terms

Can a career that conforms to the specific needs of your situation bring happiness AND success? Does cynicism and fear stand in the way of your personal progress? Listen in on this “So, You’re In Sales?” PODCAST featuring Caerusnet Members MaryBeth Potrykus (Mama Bear Productions) and Roger Burnett (Social Good Promotions) for a timely discussion […]


Tim Beebe Gets A “Buzz” Over Referrals!

Tim Beebe began his Caerusnet referral team journey several years ago as a founding Member of the Canton Thursday 1PM team of which he is still an active Member of today.  He has also been a Member on multiple Caerusnet teams over the years (in Brighton & Ann Arbor) where he learned how to develop […]


Dreams Are Real Podcast With Dan McPherson & Steven Zyskowski

Be sure to give a listen to this episode of the Dreams Are Real Podcast with Caerusnet Saline, Michigan Member, Dan McPherson of Leaders Must Lead and Steven Zyskowski, the Chief Referral Officer of Caerusnet Facilitated Referral Teams. Click the photo below and off you go!


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