Referral Strategies

What does GOLFING and REFERRING have in COMMON?

by Steven Zyskowski On Friday, September 22nd, Caerusnet Members from teams across SE Michigan gathered at The Links of Whitmore Lake for a fun filled day of golf!  And boy oh boy was it a HOT day with temps in the mid-90’s! BIG thanks to this year’s new golf outing organizer and Caerusnet Dexter Member, […]


GODS of Opportunity FREE E-book Download!

CLICK HERE OR ON COVER ART FOR FREE DOWNLOAD of the The GODS of Opportunity by Caerusnet founder, Steven Zyskowski! Enjoy the adventure of upstart business coach Tom Johnson, as he starts the very first Facilitated referral passing team in the bustling community of Brightwell, MI. Learn from the new Facilitator and the Members of […]


Good Communication Turns The Key To Referrals

by Steven Zyskowski Those who have developed a “by referral only” practice know how important it is to constantly communicate the right messages to their referral partners.  They have tactics and processes they use to track and thank those in their referral universe for the gift of new business opportunities.  Give these concepts some thought […]


Danielle Boote “Lends” Us Her Referral Success Story

Danielle Boote has been in the mortgage industry for over 20 years.  During that time, she has encountered just about every type of mortgage lending situation imaginable.  This Ross Mortgage home lending specialist has successfully navigated her business over the past two decades through both hot and cold housing markets.  And if one thing is […]


Caerusnet Members READY To Refer!

by Steven Zyskowski, The Referral Guy At Caerusnet, we want to help our Members develop a referral mindset.  This will help Members develop more referrals coming from their existing customers as well as from the Members of their Caerusnet team(s).  So, what’s the most sure footed route to receiving good referrals?  By passing good referrals […]


9 Ways To Find Visitors For Your Caerusnet Team

by Steven Zyskowski, Chief Referral Officer, Caerusnet What’s the one thing all Caerusnet Members and Facilitators have in common?  The fact that growing your referral team will mean a MORE PROFITABLE referral team for everyone involved! Not sure how to go about finding good quality businesses to invite for visit your team?  Here are nine […]


Referrals Are Good For Your Health with Steve Bebber

As an active professional in the fields of health and wellness, Steven Bebber, of Bebber Health Pro, knows how important it is to be well known in the local business community. Armed with a killer smile and and an abundance of positive energy, he’s been strategically networking for over a decade in Washtenaw County.  He […]


Top 5 Game Changing Reads For Entrepreneurs

by Steven Zyskowski Most successful entrepreneurs (defined as a person who is “in charge” of their own income) have invested a lot of energy in the areas of personal growth and development.  The world of small business and referral networking can often be a tricky landscape to navigate without injury.  Why not learn from the […]


4 Minute Video Helps Capture Everyday Opportunities

by Steven Zyskowski This fast four-minute HOW TO video show you how you can have conversations that create opportunities! How to connect the dots and make a successful referral happen. How to have your clients and associates refer new contacts to you. How to start the conversation with someone you just met about visiting your […]


Why You Should Regularly Be Giving Testimonials

by Steven Zyskowski Would you like to generate more referrals for BOTH someone else and yourself?  Start giving testimonials!  It’s surprising how something so simple can have a positive impact on referrals. Definition of testimonial:  A statement testifying to benefits received. So, what are the benefits of a testimonial? Rewards and  recognizes others for providing […]


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