The Caerusnet PODCAST – A Great Tool For Sharing & Learning

Do you like to take your headphones with you when you go for nice walk or workout at the gym?  How about that windshield time in the car?  Podcasts are super popular these days as people can discover amazing content that you simply just won’t find in the legacy media.  For the past many years, I’ve discovered some great podcasts from Caerusnet members.

These podcasts are with the people I care about and the benefits of learning from people you know, like and trust is immeasurable.  Personally, I’d like to mention just a few podcasts that I’m a big fan of.  They are the “So, you’re in sales?” podcast by Caerusnet member, Roger Burnett.  His podcasts are very structured and fit well within a 30 min walk or drive most of the time.  Also, I’m a big fan of Brighton Wednesday 10AM Caerusnet member Jason Tracey from Roar Consulting.  Jason’s podcasts on “Coffee & Grit” are very free flow, like a Joe Rogan Experience and you never know where they’re going to go.  Jason is great and helping people share their vulnerabilities.  And also, Caerusnetters, Anglea and Don Putkela, and their real estate podcast, “Welcome to Livingston” is super great!

In 2022, I’m proud to also introduce The Caerusnet Podcast.  I hope you will consider adding this to your Spotify favorites!  What could be better than learning how to grow by referral than by learning from our Caerusnet peers?  The first five episodes of are ready right now for your listening enjoyment!  The episodes feature some cool, unique Caerusnet members.  Also, learning from top performers and learning from the 2021 Caerusnet Team MVPs (20+ of them join us in one podcast) who authentically share their Caerusnet experience and tips for success with the entire network.

What’s your favorite local podcast?  Want to be on the podcast yourself?  Have a great success story to share?  Please share your responses with me by clicking here!

Stay connected,

Caerusnet Founder & Facilitator