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Enjoy the adventure of upstart business coach Tom Johnson, as he starts the very first Facilitated referral passing team in the bustling community of Brightwell, MI.

Learn from the new Facilitator and the Members of his team as they work together to develop a Referral Mindset and Master the Art of Referring.

This story is a parable but is based on true to life stories from Michigan based Caerusnet.  It is a must read for anyone who is considering joining a referral networking group or facilitating one of their own.

The Caerusnet Facilitated Referral Team System was developed in 2008 by social entrepreneur, Steven Zyskowski, expressing his desire to help small business professionals and passionate networkers form their own referral passing teams that are both fun and profitable.

 Caerusnet is a series of guiding principles and proven strategies for growing referral teams and helping the local business community strengthen by referral.  The Facilitator and the Members are partners in the success of their referral team.

Special thanks to Caerusnet Member, Dan Harris, www.dangharrisdesign.com, for the cover artwork!