Taking Breaks From Greatness

11046537_10204343184165130_4339082858394475420_nby Steven Zyskowski

This week, none of the referral teams I’m blessed to facilitate in Brighton,  Ann Arbor or Canton will have referral team meetings.  We are on break.

Why do we take as many breaks as we do?  Let me explain …


  • I schedule 33 weeks of meetings every year.  Taking breaks gives the Members and the Facilitators of the teams a chance to catch their breath. Taking a break allows us to take a step back from the team for a week and then step back into the team dynamic feeling more focused and relaxed.
  • Prevents burnout. I don’t care how great something is … we can get burned out on anything.  Think about your favorite food.  Even that food will start tasting less desirable if you eat too much of it.  Same thing applies with referral teams.
  • Absence makes the heart grow fonder. It is music to my ears when a Member tells me they actually missed the team during their week off.  It shows the Members have bonded with each other and that CaerusNet is important when it comes to providing much needed positive motivation in the lives of busy professionals.

With that being said, the teams I run will be returning next week feeling ready to network.  The 2nd quarter of every  year is one of the busiest networking times to take advantage of.  That means it’s also a great time for new Members to join.

The facilitators and I look forward to continuing to be your preferred partners in the local referral team business.  Stay connected!

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