VIDEO Teaches How To Properly Ask For Referrals

What’s the #1 reason you’re  not asking  for referrals?

It’s the same reason for everyone … you don’t want to appear desperate or pushy and risk alienating your customers.

The solution: Instead, use suggestive REFERRAL LANGUAGE with your clients, especially during the three most critical times you’re engaged with them …

Critical Time #1: Before The Transaction
“Do you mind telling me who referred you to me?  All of my customers are referred and I want to be sure I know who to thank.”

Critical Time #2: During The Transaction
*“I know I mentined my practice grows by referral only, and my goal is to do such a great job for you that you will also be motivated to refer me to those you care about.”

 Critical Time #3: After The Transaction
*”Is there anything else I can do to be sure you are extrememly satisfied?  After all, it’s our most satisfied clients who will refer our next customers.”

Also, here are two, powerfull referral tips:

Use Referral Language on business cards:
“By Referral Only!” … does your business card have referral language on it?

Use Referral language in emails:
“Your referrals are most appreciated, celebrated and reciprocated.”


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