Staying Connected & Doing Virtual Trust Builders

One thing is for sure, using online video meeting platforms is a great way for “Caerusnetters” to stay connected.  With virtually everyone working from home these days, this is the perfect opportunity for us all to connect online and do those all important Trust Builder Meetings.  When the social distancing orders are lifted, those of us who used our at-home, online time wisely will be in a great position to succeed when the world returns to “normal”.

Before the social distancing orders were put in place, the Founder of Caerusnet, Steven Zyskowski, paid a visit to the Caerusnet Milford team where he met transformation coach AJ during their team meeting.  Then, the two connected on LinkedIn and agreed to follow up by doing an impromptu Trust Builder Meeting on ZOOM, which they agreed to share with the Caerusnet network.