Six Easy Steps for Member Success in 2016!

11046537_10204343184165130_4339082858394475420_nCaerusnet has helped many professionals develop a referral mindset and increase their referrals. Here’s a foolproof way to make 2016 your best year ever. Whether you’re a new Member or a veteran, this is an easy road map to follow to be sure you stay on course for success.

Step 1: Budget 15-30 minutes and read the entire Member Toolbox. It’s jam packed with practical tips, advice, knowledge and advice to help make your referral team experience a profitable one. Caerusnet wants to help you Master the Art of Referrals!

Step 2: Relentlessly schedule Trust Builder Meetings with the other Members of your team. Aim to meet with everyone on the team. People only refer to those they know, like and trust. Successful Trust Builder Meetings with strengthen your reputation with other professionals.

Step 3: Attending the Caerusnet team meetings are critical to your success! Show up early (5 min) and attend 80% or more of the team meetings so team Members will learn about you and your business (and so you can learn about theirs). Only miss the meetings if you are absolutely unable to attend and remember to check-in with your Facilitator if you are going to miss. Remember, the meetings are fun and educational. If you keep attending them at a high level, you will likely be profitable, as well!

12540839_10205949694886894_7339274403351223063_n - CopyStep 4: Develop your Member Minute. A great Member Minute educates your team on why you are always worthy of consideration for referrals. Tell your team Members what constitutes a good referral for you and share referral success stories. Your team should know what your niche is in the marketplace, as well as the prices of your products/services, so they are better able to refer you.

Step 5: Actively invite other professionals to the meeting! This will show the team you are serious about wanting to help the team grow and that you have some influence. In addition, a full team will pass more referrals and provide you with the greatest return on your investment in Caerusnet.

Step 6: Keep your Caerusnet business card portfolio with you at all times possible. This will help serve as a reminder that you’re part of a team. The more people you genuinely help with referrals, the more you’ll increase your own odds that people will remember to refer to you in the future. Always bring your portfolio to the team meetings. Keep the cards of current Members, past Members and the visitors you meet while a Member in your portfolio.