Life Coach, Maria Sylvester Is Unstoppable In Caerusnet!

lifecoach_maria_42015Whether you are looking for a fast lunch break or a new place to hold a Trust Builder in Ann Arbor, Pilar’s on Liberty Street is a quiet place to meet up, dine on seasonal tamales and learn about your fellow CaerusNet members. On a recent Tuesday afternoon, I had a chance to sit down with Certified Life Coach, Maria Sylvester, in between CaerusNet meetings. I thought I’d squeeze in a few questions regarding her practice, CaerusNet and how she feels about a major automotive company using her slogan, “be unstoppable!”

Maria, have you seen the latest ad from (insert major automotive company name here), where they have used your slogan about “being unstoppable”? Maria laughs, “No I haven’t! Well actually, my tag line is ‘helping people get unstuck, so they can be unstoppable and soar!”
After agreeing that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, we move on to the real Member Highlight questions:
How long have you been in your profession? I have been a Certified Life Coach for eight years.

How did you get into this field?
I worked for 23 years as a psychotherapist in private practice. I realized that psychotherapy gifts clients with insight into their behavior. However, unless the client takes ACTION on that insight, transformation does not happen. I wanted to help clients transform their lives, so I shifted full time into a coaching career. Coaching is all about helping people take action!

What is the best thing about your business/career?
The best thing about my career is the powerful connections I make with people. I LOVE helping my clients figure out the HEART of what really matters to them in their lives, and then I help them live from that place. It is an absolute joy gifting clients the tools, strategies and practices that allow them to live vibrant, passionate and purposeful lives. The power to change really is fueled by the connection between coach and client, and the working relationship that develops.

As long as I have known you Maria, you have been a member of the Ann Arbor CaerusNet Facilitated Small Business Referral teams. What is it about the CaerusNet model that you like most?
There are two things I really appreciate about the CaerusNet model. The first thing I really value is the same thing that makes my coaching work so well- the idea that the power is in the relationships we form, and boy, do we ever form great relationships in CaerusNet! CaerusNet is leader-run, which is the second thing I really value about the groups. I believe that because it is leader-run, members are even more freed-up to concentrate on forming meaningful connections with each other. We never have to worry about any of the organizational aspects of the meetings, and instead, can focus solely on networking! With a leader-run group, there is great consistency across meetings; members do not have to adjust to new leader personalities or changes every few months. We come to the meetings knowing what to expect and from whom. With this as a blasting-off platform, a sense of general trust, security and good will flourishes among members, enhancing our working relationships with one another.

Could you share a success story that would highlight why giving referrals or inviting visitors is beneficial to you and your life coaching practice?
Giving referrals and bringing visitors are things I take great pleasure in because I love connecting people with each other. That point is evidenced by my choice of a coaching profession, in which I value the art of helping people further their lives. Giving referrals and inviting guests to meetings just keeps that positive energy and momentum rolling and this, in turn, can only help to benefit the whole (team)! For instance, each new member added to the group benefits us all. Referral possibilities to and from each new member (and their circle of influence), jump us all tenfold!

Maria, do you have any tips on how to be successful in CaerusNet?
My main tip for success in CaerusNet is to come regularly to the meetings and to come with a spirit of openness and readiness to help and serve others. One of my favorite quotes exemplifies this idea beautifully, “We magnetize into our lives, that which we hold in thought.” – Unknown Author.

So true! One last question for you Maria, and then you and I can head back to our CaerusNet 1pm Showcase team: could you share how CaerusNet members have positively influenced you, or your Life Coaching practice besides passing referrals?
Sure! I have a wonderful story of how my CaerusNet connections profoundly influenced my life. Several years ago, I visited a Verizon store that a CaerusNet member managed, in order to support his business. I was quite distraught after having dropped my cell phone in water. While at Verizon, I was helped by a wonderful man who is now my husband! Then, the CaerusNet magic continued on to yet another event- my husband recently purchased a business with the help of another CaerusNet member, Wendell Brandt. Wendell facilitates business mergers and acquisitions with his company, Market Point Advisors. Both of these examples are my personal testimony to the power of referral and relationship networking a la’ CaerusNet!

Maria Sylvester, Certified Life Coach, sees clients in Ann Arbor, “helping people get un-stuck so they can be unstoppable”.
Life Empowerment Coaching & Healing Arts Center is located on Stadium Drive. Check out her website at or more information!

Ava_smr_dsArticle written by Ava Zyskowski, CaerusNet Member and Facilitator.