Caerusnet POD: Reviews From Participants Who Opted To Level-Up Their Referral Marketing Game

Amazing successes are happening for those who are participating in the first ever Caerusnet POD! Watch the videos to learn more and then scroll to the bottom of this post to learn more about the details of the POD including pricing and the satisfaction guarantee. 

But don’t just take Denise’s word for it.  Here are the testimonial directly from the participants:

The 2nd Caerusnet POD begins in May 16th, 10AM-11AM.  Contact Denise for more information and scroll to the bottom of this post to learn more about the investment to be in the POD and the money back guarantee.  You are also welcomed to visit the current POD which meets Wednesday’s 12PM – 1PM.

Here’s a video of the Caerusnet POD in action:



What is a Caerusnet POD?  It’s a learning and accountability incubator designed to help Caerusnet members meet their goals and increase their competency in networking and referrals.  Good news!  A few spots are open and one can be YOURS for this amazing program!  

The Caerusnet POD is led by Denise Roberts (Sales Partners Troy & New Hudson Caerusnet member), a dynamic and proven sales coach with a proven track record of success.  Up to 10 other Caerusnet members from teams all across Michigan will also be your support and accountability partners.

The Caerusnet POD begins on Tuesday, February 22nd from 10AM-11AM (1HR) and runs for 12 consecutive weeks on the same day and time.  You will set goals and get better at the areas of networking and referrals that are most important to you.  

The investment to be a participant in the Caerusnet POD is $150/month for the three-month program. We are so certain you will benefit from this program; we are offering a 100% money back guarantee! *

This first Caerusnet POD is limited to only 10 Caerusnet members total.  Click here to contact Denise Roberts to learn more  about the Caerusnet POD without any obligation.

*Caerusnet POD 100% money back guarantee details:  We want you to get full value from the Caerusnet POD.  Guarantee is eligible to participants who complete the program with 80% or better attendance and honest participation in the 12-week program.  

*Download the Caerusnet POD pdf for additional details:Caerusnet POD