Why You Should Regularly Be Giving Testimonials

195886_1651050441542_5478213_nby Steven Zyskowski

Would you like to generate more referrals for BOTH someone else and yourself?  Start giving testimonials!  It’s surprising how something so simple can have a positive impact on referrals.

Definition of testimonial:  A statement testifying to benefits received.

So, what are the benefits of a testimonial?

  • Rewards and  recognizes others for providing good service.
  • Creates credibility, trust and value for an individual and/or their business.
  • Added visibility  for both the person giving and receiving at the Caerusnet meeting.

What goes into a great testimonial?

  • Make it interesting.
  • Be brief and to the point, using simple language.
  • Focus on true-to-life success stories.
  • Focus on positive outcomes  (example: solved a problem, saved time and/or money, went above and beyond with expertise in their field and/or outstanding service given).
  • If you can, dollarize, or quantify the results (example: “I’m saving $200/mo after switching to AT&T and the service is excellent!”)

10649478_10205948543658114_5353083861502429810_nGiving someone a testimonial may not guarantee new business immediately but it will create the opportunity for a new business relationships to start.  Be a role model and find opportunities to share your endorsements and testimonials and you will be amazed at how others will begin to endorse YOU!  Finally, don’t forget to show an abundance of gratitude when someone gives you a testimonial!