What does GOLFING and REFERRING have in COMMON?

by Steven Zyskowski

On Friday, September 22nd, Caerusnet Members from teams across SE Michigan gathered at The Links of Whitmore Lake for a fun filled day of golf!  And boy oh boy was it a HOT day with temps in the mid-90’s!

BIG thanks to this year’s new golf outing organizer and Caerusnet Dexter Member, Mary Frisinger (from Arbor One Mortgage Company) for putting the event together!  We also want to thank the HOLE SPONSORS of this event for making it great!  Also, “Team Wendy” featured host of energetic Member volunteers all with great spirit, helping make the 3nd annual Caerusnet Golf Outing a success.  Special thanks also to Dexter Members Shasta Grifka from Grifka Marketing and Marcy Smith from BS Designs for marketing and graphics support.  

As I saw the golfers take off in their carts that gorgeous, sunny morning  I asked myself the simple question, “How is golfing alike to referring?”  These are the two best answers I came up with …

You have to show up to play the game.  Just like golfing, you can’t win if you don’t show up to play at the regularly scheduled team meetings.  You can’t learn what works if you don’t practice.  Developing a referral mindset where your customers refer you more often and other area professionals start to learn to refer to you isn’t an easy game to master, but one well worth the effort.

With 50% of all purchasing decisions being made at the recommendation of those we trust, it’s certainly worth it to always provide the best service to our referrals so future referrals keep rolling in (the other 50% of purchasing decisions come from advertising).  Caerusnet was created to help you stay connected to the movers and shakers in your community.  We look forward to next year’s golf outing and continuing to grow the Caerusnet footprint in Michigan and beyond.

Stay connected,

Signature SZ

President/Founder, Caerusnet