Staying Connected In Caerusnet During These Times

Caerusnet Facilitators ready and willing to help Members stay socially connected and safe during the COVID-19 crisis via ZOOM Meetings.

Lately, business is anything but usual! In order to help us all stay connected during these interesting times, Caerusnet Facilitators met virtually last week to discuss how to keep referral team Members connected virtually, via video conferencing.   We are an inspired organization and we understand how valuable staying connected is, especially in today’s world.

Around this time in March every year, most Michigan Caerusnet teams take a “spring break”.  Most teams are not scheduled to meet in-person again until after mid-April (check with your Facilitator for your team specific meeting dates and times).

In the event in-person meetings are not an option, most Facilitators will be fully ready run live, real-time, virtual Facilitated referral team meetings via video conferencing for our Members (and their guests) during the regular posted meeting times.

What will a virtual Caerusnet Facilitated referral team meeting be like?

Much like the in-person meetings:

  • Toolbox Education to help us stay referral-sharp.
  • Member Minutes to educate, coach and motivate us.
  • We will Pass Referrals during the online meetings.
  • Visitors are welcomed to attend the online meetings.

Stay tuned for personal instructions from your Caerusnet team Facilitator.