Sarah Harrier’s Referral Therapy In Caerusnet

Most of our Caerusnet Member Success Stories come from Members who have been around for a year or more.  In this piece, we will get the perspective of a newer Caerusnet Member, Sarah Harrier from Blue Lotus Therapy Services in Brighton.  Her fantastic charm, confident smile and humble intelligence make for a fantastic combination of someone the Brighton Tuesday 8AM team Members are encouraged to get to know, like and trust – and start referring to.  Caerusnet Members throughout Michigan should be inspired to share this story with therapists in their communities an encourage them to visit and possibly join their team!

How long have you been in your profession? I graduated from my master’s program in 2010 and began working in the facility where I completed my internship during school immediately following graduation. But, my program had us start doing therapy after only one semester of school! So I’ve been actively practicing therapy since the beginning of 2009.

How did you get into this field? I took a class in psychology when I was 16 years old. I knew at that time I wanted to be a therapist. Upon pursuing my bachelor’s degree in psychology, I realized that I wanted to not only work with individuals, but couples as well. My undergraduate advisor recommended I look into an accredited marriage and family therapy program for graduate school and I never looked back.

Brighton Tuesday 8AM Referral Team

What is the best thing about your business/career? I love being able to help facilitate positive changes in people’s lives, both directly and indirectly. I have received client feedback over the years that I have helped prevent suicides, divorces, panic attacks, and isolation for people, by providing therapy services with them. That kind of feedback is extremely humbling and valuable to me. I know I am doing something special and helpful for people who are ready to work on their struggles.

What is it about the Caerusnet model that you like most?
I have only been a Member of Caerusnet since September, 2019 and thus far I can say that I really enjoy both the concept and the process. I like the idea of not having competitors in the same team, that it doesn’t meet every single week of the year, but that there is a clear connection between the Members in the team. It’s nice to see familiar faces and engage in Trust Builder Meetings outside the team meetings to get to know people even better on a personal and professional level. It’s all encouraging without feeling forced.

Share a success story about why giving referrals/bringing visitors are beneficial to you.
I think it helps to build that trust piece. It shows that you are listening to what people say in the meetings and are keeping your eyes and ears open out in the world to look for opportunities to connect people. After all, I am all about helping others! Connecting someone to a service provider they are looking for is just another way to provide help and appreciation on both sides.

Any tips on learning how to find situations where you can create a referral or invite a visitor?
Because I’m so new, I’m still learning this myself! I think it’s really a matter of paying attention to opportunities out in the world. Who is struggling with a concern that now you suddenly know of someone who can help them? The attention to detail shows people that you are listening to their stories, and in my experience, people are generally open to receiving a connection to another professional.

What is your strategy with your Member Minute and your spotlight presentation?
For my Member Minute I like to share both positive feedback I have received from clients as well as moments where I have seen success and growth in clients because of interventions I have incorporated to help them. What I choose to share for Member Minutes varies based on who I have seen recently or something I am particularly proud of having accomplished. I think it’s nice for the Members to hear the confidence in my abilities, as well as indirect feedback from my clients to help them build trust in me that I am a qualified therapist to refer to.   To date, I have done one 10 minute Spotlight Presentation. In it, I wanted to focus on educating the team on what therapy is, what my particular license and degree means regarding the work I do, and the population I serve. I also wanted the team to learn a little something about coping strategies they could practice at home, so I gave a sneak peek as to what that might look like. I like to help people feel empowered and educated, so I strive to convey those pieces in my presentation.

What is your approach to positioning yourself as a resource in the community?
Word of mouth referrals have been the most impactful in helping me to become a better known resource in the community. My name has popped up in mom-to-mom Facebook teams multiple times as a valuable and helpful therapist, and my clients have told me that they pass along my information to other potential clients. Additionally, I have reached out to a few medical professionals in the area so that my name can become part of a conversation for someone seeking services. Of course, my connections have continued to grow through Caerusnet!

Tips on how to be successful in Caerusnet? 
Participation! To this point I have attended every scheduled Caerusnet meeting for my day and time; because of this I feel like I am getting to know my team Members better, they’re getting to know me better, and we’re building trust together. I think it helps to do Trust Builders, one-on-one outside of the team for an even more personal approach. I find it very rewarding to not only find and connect with various professionals in the area, but even start to build a friendship where I can joke around with the other Members. I regularly have my team Members on my mind and when someone in the outside world is looking for a referral I do a quick reference to see if I know someone that could help them. If I do, I ask if I can make a connection. Most of the time I am met with a happy “Yes, that would be great!”

Share how your Caerusnet Members have positively influenced you or your business besides passing referrals. For one thing, I have been able to utilize some of the services personally, which has been incredibly helpful. Additionally, I think the attitudes of the different Members play a big role in the desire for me to keep coming to the meetings. I like looking forward to the meetings and getting a chance to chat even before the business aspect begins.

Want to connect with Sarah?  Click here for her website and contact information!