PODCAST: Discovering Sales Greatness, Even During the Great Recession!

2008 was an unfortunately unforgettable year for most Americans and Mike Langford’s sales and marketing career was forged in some of the most difficult days of that Great Recession!

Listen in on this “So, You’re In Sales?” PODCAST featuring Caerusnet Members Mike Langford (Turtle Hut Internet Marketing) and Roger Burnett (Social Good Promotions) for a relevant discussion about how new entrants into the economy back in 2008 handled that challenge within the economic conditions of the time and the ways it has affected Mike’s willingness to take risk to achieve increasing levels of success today.  This is especially relevant as history often repeats itself … or at least rhymes with the past.

Love the mechanics of selling? Looking for ways to improve your skills? Wonder how other successful salespeople manage their lives? Time spent listening to guests of the “So, You’re In Sales?” podcast will sharpen your ax and make you better at what you do.  Be sure to check other the other treasures in the free library of podcasts found on the “So, You’re In Sales?” podcast.  Follow, like and share!

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