Eloisa, The Most-Referred-To Text Message Marketer!

Eloisa Underwood has been a successful Caerusnet Member since joining the referral network back in June of 2016.  Her unique business, Perk Pros, which offers text message and loyalty marketing services, is highly referable.  Any business or organization that wants to stay in front of its customers should know about Eloisa’s great product offering!

We had a chance to catch up with Eloisa to discuss her success in Caerusnet and to learn more about her and her company, Perk Pros!

How long have you been in your profession?

I started Perk Pros in January of 2015, so I’m about to finish my 4th year as a small business owner!

How did you get in this field?

As family is our #1 priority, my husband and I wanted to start a business that would make us financially independent and have the opportunity to control our own schedules and spend time with our children. We were looking to invest in a great franchise opportunity and we found this licensing opportunity that became an even better option for us. We control our brand, our level of service, our commitment to our clientele.

The most important thing is we see Perk Pros’ mission as to help our clients get enterprise-level technology that was only available to big box brands. We level the plain field for them to compete against them!

What is the best thing about your business/career?

The satisfaction of seeing Perk Pros have an impact in the local community helping merchants be able to compete with an outstanding marketing system that is used by big companies.

It was not until I found Perk Pros’ system that I saw any options to bring the power of text marketing to a local merchant.

What is it about the Caerusnet model that you like most?

I like that, unlike other referral groups, we get to enjoy a facilitated referral meeting, and I get to focus on my core business. I don’t have to invest any time in fulfilling other tasks and abiding by rules & regulations that feel too restrictive and unable to keep up with!

I also enjoy that we meet for 30 weeks of the year which makes it sufficiently flexible to be able to fit in Trust Builder appointments which is part of being a great team member. This to me is a very realistic commitment towards a referral team that actually makes sense! Caerusnet system takes the stress out of thinking who can cover me in a meeting I’m not able to attend for a business or personal matter.

Share a success story about why giving referrals/bringing visitors is beneficial to you.

When I have given a warm referral, I know that this builds trust with other team members. I like inviting visitors since I’m proud of how different Caerusnet is compared to other referral teams.

I believe we have the best option out there and want to share this approach that has just worked so well for me. Every Visitor is the opportunity for a whole new set of relationships!

Any tips on learning how to find situations where you can create a referral or invite a visitor?

I have found that when visiting my clients, just listening to their comments on what they are working at, what they are struggling with or even just plain asking them if I can help out with anything else, often helps towards learning about a need that may find other team members’ services or product to be precisely what they need.  I make it a priority in making sure my clients know that I’m part of a referral team that may have what they are looking for.

What is your strategy with our member minute and your spotlight presentation?

During my member minute, I try to highlight one of the many features our system has available. For example, our New Birthday Club feature, where we ask subscribers to share with us their birthday. Once we have their birthday month and day in the system, we can send them well wishes or a Happy Birthday reward option to come back so we can participate in the celebration! I can’t think of a single merchant that can’t benefit from this feature.

For my spotlight presentation, I usually use a PowerPoint and bring an example of the backers and new floor stands we are able to use with our merchants so they can visualize how the setup may look for a potential client.

What is your approach to positioning yourself as a resource in the community?

I like my clients to see Perk Pros as a resource that helps bring their way the best service providers within the community.  When talking with them, I find myself now with a mindset of proactively asking about what are they working with to improve in their stores, place of business, etc.

I see that when I refer a fellow Caerusnet team member and they provide an outstanding service/product we both elevate our credibility. I know that when I recommend someone, they are usually looking to excel client’s expectations since they know we both are working towards the same goal of making our clients happy.

Tips on how to be successful in Caerusnet?

  • Establish a team builder meeting at least once a week with a team member, new team members are always happy to be engaged so we can learn more from their businesses as soon as we can.
  • Have the farming mindset and see your team as a valuable resource for services.
  • Once in a while, look at your contacts and see who might be a good fit for a team member.
  • Always be on time to a team builder meeting
  • Set up a follow-up task for each one of the team members in a Team builder meeting.


Share how your Caerusnet members have positively influenced you or your business besides passing referrals.

I feel Caerusnet members have influenced me in being welcomed as part of a team. It’s always nice to know that I have “sales associates” in each and every one of them that can be an extension of me. There’s only so many hours of the day to look out for a good referral!

I’m now able to share the essence of my business in under a minute, that is super helpful! When you’re talking with a busy business owner to engage him towards landing an appointment so he can hear how Perk Pros can be a great fit for them and hire us… that is gold!

I have seen the level of commitment of team members and learn a lot from them every single meeting. Spotlight presentations are always a guarantee that we will learn something new that is always nice to share with potential referrals for them!





Want to connect with Eloisa and talk about marketing?  Her email is [email protected] or reach out by phone @ 734-776-8663