I Thought About YOU Today!

1471321_10201379783961977_1247120656_nby Steven Zyskowski


Since giving quality referrals to CaerusNet Members and helping your team grow by bringing visitors to the referral meetings are so important (in terms of how positive referral giving also results in positive referral receiving) our ability to CREATE opportunities out of everyday events is significantly important.  The ability and drive to create opportunities (seemingly out of thin air) is paramount in our quest to become the most highly effective referral team Members we can be.

One of the most important attributes the most effective CaerusNet referral team Members have is that they have developed a high level of awareness, also referred to as The Referral Mindset.  The quickly see in their mind’s eye when opportunities can be easily be created … and, they go for it.  Often, the biggest difference between effective CaerusNet Members and those who are struggling is drive, determination and having some guts.

There are four conversations every CaerusNet Member should start mentally rehearsing for, so when opportunity knocks, they can walk right through the doors of referral success.

Conversati10482633_1055023034512870_4091111285918064600_non starters like, “I thought of you today!”, “Who do you know?”, “I’ve been looking for you!” and “I want to be more to you than you might have come to expect from your financial advisor (insert your own profession)” are big-time opportunity creating conversations that, when used at the right time, can have successful results.

How does one use the “I thought of you today” conversation starter?  This is the easiest and nicest way to reach out to people who you might think are possibilities to refer to Members of your team.  Perhaps the homeowner’s insurance agent on your referral team was talking about how lakefront home owners (think TRIGGERS) are great referrals for them during a recent Member Minute.  So, if you have connections that own a lakefront home, call them and say “I thought of you today!  Do you have a fast minute so I can tell you why?”  And when your connection agrees to hear you out, simply start explaining about how a business friend of yours was reCMPAD_2_web-7cently talking about their ability to provide amazing insurance coverage to lakefront home owners and that you’re very willing to put this person in touch with them if they would like to learn more, since you “thought of them” as friends who own that type of property.

The above approach will work with just about anything.  The three additional conversations will be covered in upcoming posts … so stay tuned!