Christie Returns To Caerusnet As A Yoga Entrepreneur

Christie Hajduk (pronounced “Hi, Duke”) used to be in Caerusnet approximately 5 years ago.  Initially, she was in Caerusnet while working in the digital marketing space.  However, life has a way of taking us in new directions, as we discover ourselves and get clarity with purpose.

Christie helps Caerusnetters get a good morning Yoga session before hitting the golf course at the September 2020 outing!

Residing in Livingston County, Christie is now a practicing Yoga instructor and launched her own practice,  She is a member of the Howell Thursday afternoon team facilitated by Wendy Caverly (Caerusnet Connections).

In this short, 10 min YouTube video, Christie paints the picture of her personal journey and also provides some good advice for how to be successful on a Caerusnet team.  As someone with experience in both in-person networking and now, online networking, she has a unique perspective.