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Ben Torres Has The Referral Mindset In Caerusnet

Ben Torres started his Caerusnet Membership journey back in 2013.  As a Member of an Ann Arbor Caerusnet team, he learned the magic of developing a referral mindset and experienced success for both himself and other Members.  In 2015, he joined the Caerusnet Saline team, facilitated by the outstanding Steve Bebber.  One thing is for […]


This Event Planner Is a Real ‘Jem’ In Caerusnet!

As I’ve gotten to know Julie Palmer, I realized that she has an unmistakably unique presence, anchored by personal warmth, enthusiasm and creativity.  She’s following her passion in Caerusnet, expanding her network and helping Members and their referrals plan their next amazing events.  She’s the driving force behind ReferralTopia, Caerusnet’s annual Michigan Member extravaganza (scheduled […]


Referral Networking & How To Add It To Your Marketing Plan

Enjoy listening to this awesome Trailblazer podcast on Spotify, featuring Caerusnet Facilitator, Wendy Caverly of Caerusnet Connections.   Episode Description Pt. 1: Why is having a referral network important to all types of businesses? It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Pt. 2: What advice or what do you say to owners that […]


Brian Surowiec Is “Essential” In Caerusnet

Years ago, I was deeply disappointed by the company I hired to revamp the Caerusnet website.   As a result, I had become very skeptical of people in the website design space making promises they couldn’t deliver on.    I asked a Caerusnet Member and Facilitator, David Kozler from Kingdom Cartridge, if he knew of someone he […]


Staying Connected With Erika McNamara & Steven Zyskowski

Join Caerusnet Founder, Steven Zyskowski and long time Caerusnet Brighton Member, Erika McNamara (estate planning attorney), as they discuss the importance of having our affairs in order … especially in these times.


Staying Connected & Doing Virtual Trust Builders

One thing is for sure, using online video meeting platforms is a great way for “Caerusnetters” to stay connected.  With virtually everyone working from home these days, this is the perfect opportunity for us all to connect online and do those all important Trust Builder Meetings.  When the social distancing orders are lifted, those of […]


Staying Connected with Caerusnet’s Facilitators

In this video recorded ZOOM meeting from March 27th, 2020 – Caerusnet Facilitators discuss how to effectively lead during the global crisis and the commitment to stay together. Most Facilitators attended the ZOOM meeting and the ones on the screen are: Tom Hamp and Chaz Carrillo (Lansing) Steven Bebber (Saline), Doug Moffat (Brighton & Ann […]


PODCAST How cold is cold calling these days?

From Soundcloud’s “So, your in sales?” podcast, enjoy listening to this new “know, like, trust” discussion between Michigan Caerusnet Members Roger Burnett (Social Good Promotions) and Val Kearns (Paychex).  Especially important if you do hunting and farming in the sales world. Payroll processing industry vet Valerie Kearns joins me for a look at the COVID_19 […]


Destruction Depot Stays Connected In Caerusnet

by Steven Zyskowski To say Rachel Crawford has been “destroying it” as a Caerusnet Connections Howell Member would be an understatement.  I met Rachel recently and was fascinated by her unique business.  I would assume that after everything we’ve all been through, and stay at home orders are lifted, more people than ever will be […]


Sarah Harrier’s Referral Therapy In Caerusnet

Most of our Caerusnet Member Success Stories come from Members who have been around for a year or more.  In this piece, we will get the perspective of a newer Caerusnet Member, Sarah Harrier from Blue Lotus Therapy Services in Brighton.  Her fantastic charm, confident smile and humble intelligence make for a fantastic combination of […]


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