Ben Torres Has The Referral Mindset In Caerusnet

Ben Torres started his Caerusnet Membership journey back in 2013.  As a Member of an Ann Arbor Caerusnet team, he learned the magic of developing a referral mindset and experienced success for both himself and other Members.  In 2015, he joined the Caerusnet Saline team, facilitated by the outstanding Steve Bebber.  One thing is for certain, Ben has earned the respect and trust of his Caerusnet team through his actions.  Let’s learn together from this team MVP.

How long have you been in your profession?  Over 30 years.

How did you get into this field?  My mother was a State Farm Agent, at a young age I started working with her.

What is the best thing about your business/career? We can help people in a way that almost no other profession can. The right coverage can make all the difference in the worst times in people’s lives.

How are you different and/or what’s your niche?  My team and I are amazing at what we do, and we are passionate about helping people. When you come to us, we take great care to make sure you understand what you are getting. Explaining the complex in a simple way is our greatest strength.

What is it about the Caerusnet model that you like most?  It has to be the Members.  I know that the team is like minded and will take care of people I refer to them. Just as they can trust I will do the best for people they send to me.

Share a success story about why giving referrals/bringing visitors are beneficial to you.  I find you usually get back twice (2x) what you give. Bringing visitors also has led to some lifelong relationships. I invited a guest, a startup payroll company in 2013, that I was using at the time. Now they are thriving and even facilitate their own Caerusnet team in Adrian!

Any tips on learning how to find situations where you can create a referral or invite a visitor? I think having a mindset that your Caerusnet team is your go-to people for services you do not provide.  This opens up a lot of opportunities. When you are using a service you cannot find it your team it’s a flag “Hey why are you not in my inner circle?”

What is your strategy with your member minute and your spotlight presentation? I always try and bring true value to the Members. Member minutes are more about reminding everyone what we do and a quick hit on anything topical or a success.  A spotlight is my time to really bring some depth. Again, insurance is complex what we do is educate people. What a great platform to show how we can bring value.

What is your approach to positioning yourself as a resource in the community?  I always say: If you want more referrals – be referable. Present times aside we are physically right down town, Ann Arbor and Monroe. We are of course part of the chamber and other business networks but we also have many events. Bike safety rodeos, client appreciate tailgates, other community events. We are not just located “downtown” we are part of the downtown community.

Tips on how to be successful in Caerusnet?  I think having a referral mindset is key. Consider your network as your extended resources to expand your influence. Trust builder meetings are great to get to really know the other Members and strengthens trust. Be on time, let others share and finally don’t forget to give sincere referrals and business will come back to you.

Share how your Caerusnet Member have positively influenced you or your business besides passing referrals.   I have made connections that I am sure will last a lifetime. It has also helped me grow and be a better leader of my own teams.

Do you have a referral success story (passed or received) that you’d like to share?  There is a lot of success back and forth. It is hard to pick. My team and I have helped many people that were not understanding or had the wrong coverage or were paying for things they did not understand. I would say that the Realtor on my team has really stood out. She has helped several of my clients, and in particular I have watched her go above and beyond, sometimes on her own dime, just to a help someone that really needed it. I can think of in instance that she did not get any commission at all but was able to really get the customer on track and ultimately get back to the table on a new home purchase with another realtor. Ultimately that deal fell through anyway and the client came back to work with her. That is dedication and integrity that paid off!

Want to connect with Ben Torres?  You can find him here on the Saline Caerusnet team listing!