Alex Helps Referrals Find Their Perfect Franchising Fit In Caerusnet

Alex Roberts is a franchise consultant—a matchmaker and guide for people looking for an opportunity to be their own boss. Through a proven process, he helps them find franchise opportunities that perfectly suit their professional and personal goals, making career dreams come true.

Why franchising? The world of franchising offers a plethora of benefits and support systems for people in all stages of their professional life: budding entrepreneurs, people looking to pursue a business opportunity while keeping their day job, business professionals in career transition, and those looking to plan for eventual retirement. By beginning with the franchisor’s playbook, a proven business model, the new franchisee has a higher likelihood of success. The franchisor provides extensive training and support, technology to support the business, established marketing and customer acquisition strategies. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. And new franchisees benefit from a built-in network: fellow franchisees who can share their experiences and tips for success.

What Alex does. Alex’s services are free and come with no strings attached. Through a proven and structured process, he helps people define exactly what they’re looking for, matches them with franchise opportunities that support their goals, and introduces them to the franchisor(s) they’re interested in working with. He completes a lot of the legwork and works only with prescreened, high-quality franchises that offer candidates a high chance of success.

Who to refer. Typical candidates for Alex’s free consulting services are men, women, or couples anywhere in the U.S., usually between 40-55 years of age, who have a strong desire to be their own boss despite having only worked for others throughout their career. Most have about 15-20 years of experience in corporate America and have built up strong leadership and communication skills, people management skills, and solid business acumen, which happen to be great traits for a franchise owner. People in career transition are great referrals. If they have been laid off once or twice and want to take control of their future, if they travel too much for work and want to have a better lifestyle, if they’ve hit the ceiling in their career and have few prospects for advancement, send them his way.

Success stories. Through Caerusnet, Alex has had many successes. Here are two examples.

  • An insurance adjuster who was offered the choice to relocate for the company or take a severance package had opted for the severance package. When mentioning his work situation to a Caerusnet member, the phrase “career transition” prompted her to think of Alex. She made the referral and Alex guided the candidate through his proven process. The former adjuster eventually invested in a restaurant franchise in Wixom. He’s now his own boss and enjoying business ownership.
  • A husband and wife team were looking for a better lifestyle and work/life balance. The husband had taken a buyout from his company, and the wife has recently sold a small business that could not succeed without her full-time participation. A Caerusnet member who worked with the husband made the referral after hearing that he was considering buying a franchise. The couple invested in a boutique fitness franchise they can manage as semi-absentee owners and are continuing to work on other business interests. Boutique fitness is one of the fastest-growing segments in franchising today and they got in on the leading edge with the best franchisor in the industry.

What Alex likes most about Caerusnet.  It is extremely well organized by the facilitator and the members quickly become friends and trusted partners as you get to know them, ideally through a Trust Builder Meeting.

Alex’s approach to positioning himself as a resource.  My approach is always to just be myself. Once I spend time with someone, they see that I am genuine, and I am an expert in my industry. The great thing about my service is that it is FREE to everyone. I never charge a nickel. All they invest with me is their time. So, what have you got to lose?

Strategy for success in Caerusnet.  The best way to be successful with Caerusnet is to do Trust Builder Meetings with everyone in your group. This is the only way you get to really know, like and trust the others – which is a requirement when it comes to passing referrals. I also encourage people to visit other Caerusnet groups as there are many other people out there who “get it” and are willing to help promote you and your business.

The additional benefits of being on a Caerusnet team.  I have developed deep relationships with several of the team members over the past 3 years. We’ve played golf, gone to events, and know what’s going on in each other’s lives. I have utilized the services of many of their businesses and feel extremely comfortable referring them to others which makes me a more valuable resource to my network and clients.

Make the Caerusnet connection. If you know anyone who is in career transition or who has mentioned a desire to be their own boss, send them to Alex. He can help them reach their goal of business ownership and capture their share of the American Dream. Alex can be reached at: [email protected] or 734-369-4551. Check out his website at:

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