Jimmie Plaskey Suits Up For Referrals!

By Steven Zyskowski, President of Caerusnet

As a former college football player, Jimmie Plaskey understands the concept of teamwork.  When Jimmie recognized he could harness his leadership skills as an up and coming financial adviser to run his own referral passing team in the city of Brighton, he suited up for the game!  And while Jimmie is a successful, young adviser, and his referral team is steadily growing, he’s still a student of the process also as an active Member of the Brighton Wed 10AM team.

I had a chance to interview Jimmie recently to get his take on the world of referrals …
How long have you been in your profession?

I’ve been with Executive Wealth Management since 2011.
How did you get into this field?

Quite a round about way. But long story short, I started as an intern in 2011 and fell in love with the industry and started full time at EWM in 2013.  I’ll take it one step further and tell you why I got into this field.  I believe in educating, inspiring, and creating a peace of mind. I believe that those are informed make better lasting financial decisions. I believe this because of my unique history through the market recession of 2008 with a financial professional giving my family the easy answer and not the right answers. I help others through building a structurally sound financial plan that is well maintained on a regular basis.

What is the best thing about your business/career?
Positively impacting my client’s lives.  

What is it about the Caerusnet model that you like most?
It’s not what I like most about the Caerusnet model … it’s what I appreciate most about it. I appreciate the atmosphere. I appreciate the understanding of busy schedules and last minute appointments. I appreciate that as a Member, I just need to worry about my business and as a Facilitator, all of my Members aren’t looking to take on my responsibilities they are there to share and sell their businesses. I appreciate that this weekly networking group meets around 30 weeks per year and takes time off around the summer and holidays.

Any tips on learning how to find situations where you can create a referral or invite a visitor?
Yes! When I first started in financial planning, in my client meetings, I was so worried about the plan and finance aspect that I failed to mention and even think about referrals. I created a one-page document that listed out all of the types of businesses I was comfortable referring that I now give to every client in every meeting. It’s become one of the important aspect to my business.

Any tips on how to be successful in Caerusnet?
Being successful in Caerusnet is simple. It’s a simple as the old proverb states, “The best things in life happen outside of your comfort zone”. Upon joining Caerusnet as a Member in 2015, I was very out of my comfort zone having to speak in front of a group of people and 3 years later I’m facilitating a group! Here are my tips in no specific order:

Go the extra mile.

Make sure you attend all possible meetings, especially on the days when you’re feeling lazy and really don’t want to get up and go.

Do the Trust Builder Meetings!

Get to really know the other Members of your group. It will not only help you get to know them, but it will greatly increase your “refer-ability”.


Have a very polished Member minute. This is your 60 second commercial!

Be authentic

You’re in Caerusnet for a reason; you care about your business, want to establish and build a network, and turn ultimately increase profit. Be yourself. When thinking about prospects that may do business with you remember this; “Some will, some won’t, so what.

Make sure the Members of the group know you are authentic and genuine.

What is it about facilitating a referral team that you hope to accomplish, professionally?
I want to build a network of a solid group of professionals that are energized and hungry to build their businesses. I want to have THAT Caerusnet team, the team that has a waiting list to get in. As a private wealth advisor, I passionately care about my clients and their well being. I want to ensure that all referrals I pass to my clients are professionals that I genuinely know, like, and trust.

If you’d like to connect with Jimmie (James) Plaskey, you can find him by clicking here.

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