“You’re a photographer? I’ve been looking for you!” Staying Connected with Christina Kafkakis & Steven Zyskowski

Learning how to “create opportunities” is one of the major mottos at Caerusnet.

Approximately 10 years ago, Caerusnet founder, Steven Zyskowski, took notice that a photographer had pulled up to the other side of a gas pump while he was gassing up his vehicle at a local Speedway.  He noticed the magnetic sign advertising photography services and likes to practice what he preaches.  So, instead of letting the potential opportunity of meeting a photographer die by not speaking up, Zyskowski decided to take a small risk and introducing himself.

As karma and vibe would have it, Christina was already on the conscious track of wanting to network in the local community as her kids were just getting to an age where she felt comfortable getting daycare.

She visited a Caerusnet Brighton team after meeting Steve and promptly joined.  Since then, Christina has been a multiple MVP member in Caerusnet.  She’s just as serious about wanting to grow her business as she is at wanting to make a positive impact in the community by referring other local professionals to her clients, family and friends.

In this 10ish minute YouTube video, Christina and Steve discuss how they met, the impact it’s made in her life and how to take advantage of membership on Caerusnet Online Facilitated Referral Teams.

Want to connect with Christina?  Here’s a link to her website!