ReferralTopia 2022: Professional Development & Live Networking on Zoom!

ReferralTopia 2022, the premier professional development and live networking event, organized by Caerusnet, will be happening this year on May 19th from 9AM-12PM on Zoom.  Later that same day the ReferralTopia 2022 afterglow & Caerusnet member party will be in-person at Ginopolis SmokeHouse in Brighton from 4pm-7pm.

“Caerusnet does ReferralTopia to create more value for Caerusnet members and the greater Michigan small business community.  Anyone building a business based on word of mouth and professional relationships should attend this event.  This year’s ReferralTopia may be the best one yet!” says Caerusnet founder, Steven Zyskowski

ReferralTopia features three, live professional presenters on Zoom all designed to help increase effectiveness at relationships and networking, as well as inspiration for all to overcome challenges in life.  In addition to the three live speakers, there are two live networking sessions on Zoom that will be facilitated by Steven Zyskowski.  Those who attend either or both of the live networking sessions are certain to make new connections to follow up on when the event is over.

The speakers line up includes fantastic Caerusnetters, Jason Tracey (member, Roar Consulting) & Wendy Caverly (facilitator, Caerusnet Connections and owner of Crusaders Networking) and wraps up with special guest, Anthony Ianni, author of the book “Centered”.   Anthony is a championship MSU basketball player under Tom Izzo and is also the first NCAA Division One player from the autism spectrum.  Expect to be blown away by the value of the talks of all three presenters! 

All Caerusnet members and guests are welcome to attend and participate in ReferralTopia2022 for FREE.  We don’t want anyone left out of having a great day simply due to lack of funds.  However, if you have the capacity to instead to get your admission ticket by making a modest donation that you feel is appropriate to support this event, its speakers and our headline charity, KidsOnTheGo, please select the Donation Ticket and choose the amount you’d like to donate.  Everyone who donates will be acknowledged during ReferralTopia and we sure do appreciate your support!

KidsOnTheGo is a Michigan-based nonprofit that helps developmentally challenged youth get involved in sports and learn about what it’s like being on a team.  It’s a

wonderful organization making a real difference in the world. 

Speaker profiles:

Jason Tracey, founder of Roar Consulting, has perfected the mindset of being the difference for his clients as the founder of Roar Consulting. Jason empowers people to turn their passions, purpose, and expertise into thriving businesses or careers. He works with people to overcome their fears & beliefs that prevent that from living the life that they have always imagined, while also infusing a new way of communicating how to Be The Difference to your people. In the end it is tied together in an easy to implement system to Empower, Dominate, & Serve. Jason is also a proud and impactful member of the Caerusnet Brighton Wednesday 10AM referral team.

Wendy Caverly is the proud owner of Crusaders Networking, is bringing her focused knowledge in an emerging coaching specialty to professionals looking to learn how to effectively connect and build meaningful relationships for a solid foundation for success. With 20+ years of entrepreneurial and networking experience, Wendy excels at coaching individuals on what makes connecting or ‘networking’ a valuable skill, separate from selling and marketing.  Wendy also owns Caerusnet Connections and facilitates several Caerusnet team meetings in Southeast Michigan.


Anthony Ianni played basketball at Michigan State University from 2009 to 2012 and was the first Division I college basketball player known to be on the autism spectrum. He now tours the country as a motivational speaker and lives with his wife and two sons in Livonia, Michigan. He also authored the book “CENTERED”, which was released in 2021. “Centered is a captivating and uplifting story about pursuing dreams, pushing through difficult times, and reaching one’s full potential.” – Nick Saban, Head Football Coach, University of Alabama. 

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