Referral Networking & How To Add It To Your Marketing Plan

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Episode Description

Pt. 1: Why is having a referral network important to all types of businesses? It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Pt. 2: What advice or what do you say to owners that focus mainly on networking events vs. joining a referral network to actually building relationships? Referral networks are not just business people. They are both personal and professional. What are some general networking tips that could help listeners get the most out of this method? Does this change if long term habits change? Pt. 3: I am sure you have heard business owners focus on building relationships with the Chamber of Commerce or even being involved in their DDA, Main Street or Convention & Visitors Bureau. These are great organizations to help grow businesses so why should a business join a regular referral group? Pt. 4: What types of industries benefit from a referral network? Why when businesses look at referrals they tend to shy away if they are a retail or restaurant business? Pt. 5: Why is the CaerusNet and CaerusNet Connections philosophy of give to get so important and so different?

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