Illuminated Conversations Podcast with Caerusnet Founder Steven Zyskowski

In this 4th episode of the second season of The Illuminated Conversations Podcast, coach Brian M Truskowski interviews Caerusnet founder, Steve Zyskowski.  In this episode, Brian & Steve discuss his journey of transformation he undertook in 2008, when his world disintegrated, only to be rebuilt again. As an entrepreneur since the age of 22 Steven Zyskowski has a big heart for local small businesses. In 2008 he invented Caerusnet facilitated referral teams to help local small business professionals and service providers develop referral relationships within their own communities and become trusted resources. In the past he was a superhero comic book writer, has worked in banking and at one time owned his own mortgage company.  No matter what he’s done professionally, Zyskowski has always been drawn to connecting people, leading teams to greatness and knowing the story behind what makes people tick.

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