Dr. Lisa Profera Plants Referral Seeds In Caerusnet

Dr. Lisa Profera has been an outstanding Caerusnet Member on the Ann Arbor Tuesday 1PM team since March of 2016.  Though Dr. Lisa may be busier now than she has ever been, she always makes time to pass good, warm referrals to other Members of the team.   Dr. Lisa’s enthusiasm about Caerusnet is apparent as she regularly has visitors attending her team meeting to experience the positive energy and production of the showcase team she participates on.  We had the good fortune of connecting with Dr. Lisa to get a sense of her journey as a small business owner and relationship farmer.

How did you get into this field & how long have you been in this profession?  I am a former primary care physician with over 30 years of experience in patient care. About 5 1/2 years ago, I retired from traditional medical practice in order to have a more balanced life. I developed my own private practice of Aesthetics & Lifestyle Medicine called PROJUVU MD.

What gets you pumped up about what you do? I am passionate about helping people with whole plant solutions (medical marijuana, essential oils, and supplements) instead of synthetics (pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter medications) whenever possible. As a Biochemistry geek, I am fascinated by the science of Phyto-cannabinoids and other terpenes and how they interact with our Endo-cannabinoid System. I have been helping patients with medical marijuana for 5 years.  I am a Certified Medical Marijuana doctor who primarily works with an excellent dispensary in Ann Arbor, Michigan called Apothecare Ann Arbor (https://www.apothecareannarbor.com/) for both medical and recreational cannabis use. Our goal is to be the premier dispensary in the area with great emphasis on community education and awareness in addition to providing safe, high quality, clean products to our patients and customers. We produce the only certified organic flower in the State of Michigan. I have also developed my own line of full spectrum CBD products called Dr. Lisa’s CBD Solutions https://drlisascbdsolutions.com/.

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How are you different & what is your niche?  I provide personalized and individualized treatment plans for my patients and strive to address all of their healthcare needs in a more natural way. I believe in being proactive and love to help people look better and feel better: Live Younger Longer!

How long have you been in Caerusnet & and what have you learned?
I joined Caerusnet about 5 years ago and it has been a wonderful boost for my business. Thanks to Steve Zyskowski’s (the founder of Caerusnet and also the Facilitator of our Ann Arbor team) excellent teaching and leadership, I have developed my skills as a businesswoman and entrepreneur (they don’t teach you how to market your business by referral in college).

What do you enjoy about being on a Caerusnet team in addition to getting warmed up referrals?  I look forward to our Caerusnet meetings and have developed many good friendships within our group. It is wonderful to network with such a great group of small business owners in Ann Arbor and beyond. Being a part of Caerusnet adds value to myself and to my practice in so many ways, my Membership pays for itself many times over. My favorite part of our meetings is “Positive Focus”–I love to hear about the things that energize the people in our group.

Connecting with Dr. Lisa is easy and she would love to hear from you!  Just click on any of the links or images found in this post for her contact information, or simply look her up on the Caerusnet Member Search Engine!