Chicken Farmer In Caerusnet Needs Our Help To Save The World & The Compelling Story of Heath Farms

In this fun episode of Staying Connected, Caerusnet Founder, Steven Zyskowski connects with Rob Heath of Heath Farms in Milan Michigan. Rob is the first ever chicken farmer in Caerusnet and you must try his amazingly healthy bone broth! Phenomenal story. Rob’s family is anti-factory farming and anti-chemicals. They farm only pasture raised chickens who are free to roam and eat insects … just like it was intended. Please consider supporting Rob by purchasing his products and/or supporting his crowd funding campaign to take his bone broth national. CAERUSNET isn’t like your Dad’s *NI “Chapter”: We’re not like those “other” referral “chapters” out there. We form TEAMS of amazing referral professionals. While there’s no “i” in team, there is the US of CaerUSnet! Every team is run by a trained Facilitator who inspires success!  KEEP READING TO GET MORE INFO BELOW!

Hey everyone!

As I mentioned during my most recent Member Minute at my Ann Arbor Caerusnet team meeting, I NEED all of you to join my farm’s email campaign! I need to get the word out about our farm, and the best way for me to mobilize all my friends AND their contacts is by email.
So everyone please head over here to join our email campaign:

I appreciate all your support! Please join, and help make our farm a success!
Thanks everyone! Caerusnet ROCKS!!!
Rob Heath
Customer Development/Digital Marketing
734-347-9956 (call or text)
Learn more about our mission to Save The World!