Caerusnet Member Spotlight Creativity

One of the most enjoyable parts of every Caerusnet team meeting is the 10 Minute Member Spotlight Presentation.  The Caerusnet Member Toolbox Manual has an entire section covering the important things consider sharing during a Member Spotlight.  In addition to those great suggestions, we encourage you to take note of these three excellent 10 Minute Spotlight Presentations.  Two of the three were on ZOOM Meetings and one was from an in-person meeting in Ann Arbor.

One Member, Tom Jacobs from Expert Heating & Cooling, sang an entire song dedicated to his Canton Thursday 1PM team which brought them to tears.

Another Member, Hassan Hodges from HH Photo Graphics, gives a TEDX type presentation with lots of visuals, moving parts and transitions to also amazed the Ann Arbor Tuesday 11AM team.


Finally, when it was WorkForce Payhub’s time to present to the Tuesday Ann Arbor 1PM team, one of the owners, Chilah Weller, held a plank for almost 10 minutes – expressing the fact that she isn’t afraid of working hard for referrals.

These were all memorable, exceptional Spotlight presentations.  But that makes sense, as Caerusnet attracts exceptional professionals.