Building Relationships In Business Is Critical – Amazing Interview by Jason ROAR Tracey & Steven Zyskowski

Getting married, and starting a business…

What do these two things have in common?

While we romanticize and have a grand vision for what a relationship and owning a business is going to be like. The truth is both starting a business and getting married have very high failure rates.

When the going gets tough, and the going will get tough, what keeps you there? What motivates you to learn, grow, adjust, survive, thrive???

As Steven Zyskowski shares it takes far more than shallow reasoning such as “Because I can make a lot of money” or “Because he/she is hot.”  Jason Tracey, sales coach with Roar Consulting, leads a great interview with Steve that covers a mountain of topics.


“You’re never going to make it.” “Somebody else is already doing that.”

If you are an entrepreneur you have probably heard phrases just like these along your journey. What did you do to push through the skeptics?

For those of you that have dreamed of starting a business, but are currently being caged by the skeptics use Steven Zyskowski story as an inspiration! After all, great businesses simply solve problems that are presented in the market place.

Because Steve is a product of the product he saw firsthand the glaring holes within networking organizations, and was able to create a solution to serve #smallbusinessprofessionals with Caerusnet.