A Positive Focus With Dr. Deborah from FirstLight Home Care

Dr. Deborah Mooreland, from FirstLight Home Care of Brighton, became a member of the Brighton Tuesday 8AM team almost one year ago.  We had a chance to connect with her regarding her experience being a member of a successful Caerusnet Zoom team.

How long have you been in your profession & how did you get into this field?  Almost six years in my profession. I wanted to get into business for myself and ended up in a webinar on franchises.  After reviewing five home care agencies, I chose FirstLight Home Care because of its training and culture of care.   I knew I had no experience in home care or business, and I wanted to choose the best option for training so I could be successful.

What is the best thing about your business/career?  I love to help people!  Our mission is to keep people in their homes to age in place.  We have worked with people on hospice for up to two years because people do better when in their own environment.

How are you different and/or what’s your niche?  We are different, because as an owner, I get to know who all of my clients are.  I do almost every home assessment so we can be sure to match the right caregivers to the right clients to have a successful and rewarding home care experience for the individuals needing care.

What is it about the Caerusnet model that you like most?  I love the positive focus and how everyone has something positive to say.

Any tips on learning how to find situations where you can create a referral or invite a visitor?  Just be aware of what everyone in the group can provide and share all positive referrals.

What is your strategy with your member minute and your spotlight presentation?  I want to let everyone know why we do what we do and how having a little extra help can help keep family members safe in their own home.

What is your approach to positioning yourself as a resource in the community?  I like to be thought of as an educator in home care.  I have commercials on WLAJ and WLNS and like to share information about homecare, so others know their other options available besides assisted living or a nursing home.

Tips on how to be successful in Caerusnet?  Be present!  Do the Trust Builders.  I am learning a lot about how to refer more to others by learning about their businesses and what they do and why they do it.

Share how your Caerusnet members have positively influenced you or your business besides passing referrals.  I just love the positive focus because every day there is always something positive to be grateful for.  Even if you are having a bad day, there is always something good in every day.

Do you have a referral success story (passed or received) that you’d like to share?  Yes, I have connected with Stacey Frisinger, from Choice Senior Home Care, on the Ann Arbor Tuesday 1PM Caerusnet team.  When she cannot get coverage for an area, she can refer to me, and likewise.  It is also great to be able to discuss business and share how things are going.  Even though we are in the same business, we can help each other.  It is also great to get more connections such as hospices and facilities because everyone really needs some help now.