9 Ways To Find Visitors For Your Caerusnet Team

by Steven Zyskowski, Chief Referral Officer, Caerusnet

What’s the one thing all Caerusnet Members and Facilitators have in common?  The fact that growing your referral team will mean a MORE PROFITABLE referral team for everyone involved!

Not sure how to go about finding good quality businesses to invite for visit your team?  Here are nine ideas:


  1. Scroll through your contacts. Who is already in your contact pool that you have overlooked telling about your referral team?  This is a perfect reason to get reconnected to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.
  2. Who do you and/or your company use for services? It may be that a person you are already familiar with would appreciate knowing about Caerusnet.  Tell them!
  3. What other organizations do you belong to? Have you told key people in those organizations about your referral team?
  4. Do you go to networking events put on by Meet-Up and/or the Chamber of Commerce? Be on high alert when attending these events and be looking to add to your personal referral matrix with quality professionals.
  5. If you are retail customer somewhere that gives a you great experience, inquire with the person who serviced ou about how they could grow their business in your referral team.
  6. Take pictures of your Caerusnet meeting, “check-in” and post on your Facebook and LINKED-IN about how much you enjoy your Caerusnet team meetings and what professions you are seeking.  Sometimes a contact is watching your posts and inquires with you about the posts you make about your referral team.
  7. Collect business cards and send a fast email introducing yourself (including a link to the caerusnet.com website). Share the emails (cc) you send with your Facilitator so they can help stay on top of it.
  8. Be ready to make conversations with those you might meet during your daily travels at the coffee shop and gas station … keep an eye out for professionals in uniforms or wrapped vehicles. Sometimes, casual conversations lead to interest in visiting.
  9. Looking for a certain profession (CPA, landscaping, etc.)? Ask other  professionals you trust and/or your customers who they recommend and collect the contact information to follow up with personally.

Stay connected,