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In business like in life, there are many different ways to get to a destination, but there’s only one Fastest Route. It’s the one path that helps you avoid roadblocks, skip the traffic jams, and accelerate out of the slow lane. If you have a passion for your business and a vision for where you want to take your company but you just can’t figure out how to get there, you need to take the Fastest Route. As a business owner, you juggle many roles—administrative assistant, accountant, project manager, marketer and more—any one of which can obscure your vision and stop your growth. But learning how to grow your business isn’t just a worthy goal; it’s often a necessity for survival and your economic well-being. So what can you do to get your business beyond the bare sustenance level? What can you do to turn it into the income-generating powerhouse you envision…as quickly as possible?