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Kevin Suboski

Fastest Route
EOS Implementer

Fastest Route

2449 Lakeshore Blvd
Ypsilanti, MI 48198
phone: 734-223-5164
cell: 734-223-5164

You know the neighborhood kid with the table in his yard? That was Kevin. He sold candy bars to kids because the margins and turnover were much better than selling lemonade to their parents. Later, he took that passion for entrepreneuriship to big companies like EDS and Sun Microsystems helping to lead and organize their IT people. Growing his business to 30 people with 20% margins was very satisfying. He learned a lot working for large corporations but he found he much preferred the heart and soul of small business. In his journey to succeed with his business and help his clients, Kevin applied fundamentals of biology, linguistics and philosophy. He took those insights to small and medium sized business owners so they could get the benefits too. When he found Traction and learned of EOS, he knew that he could bring the practices that he learned much more quickly and easily to his clients. He feels very lucky to get to do the work he loves with people he respects and admires. By helping leadership teams implement these practices he gets to be a part of profound transformations. It is inspiring to see people in an organization step up and transform their company getting the results they want, sooner and easier and a joyful work life both for the leaders and everyone else along the way.

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