Staying Connected with FundALife’s Mark Howell

In this episode of Staying Connected, Caerusnet Founder, Steven Zyskowski connects with Mark Howell, Founder of the non-profit “Fund a Life”. Phenomenal story. Mark has been on both sides of giving and receiving help in life. Let’s support him in his BIG HAIRY GOAL of reaching $1,000,000. in funding for to help others with unfortunate “life” events and help them get back on their feet! To learn more, support and donate, request funds, click (copy/paste) here:

Caerusnet isn’t like your Dad’s *NI “Chapter”: Does your referral team have a non-profit involved that you can help support? Talk with your Facilitator and see if you can make that happen. This is just part of the beauty of the Caerusnet Facilitated Referral Team System. We’re not like those “other” referral “chapters” out there. We form TEAMS of amazing referral professionals. While there’s no “i” in team, there is the US of CaerUSnet!