Top 5 Game Changing Reads For Entrepreneurs

11046537_10204343184165130_4339082858394475420_nby Steven Zyskowski

Most successful entrepreneurs (defined as a person who is “in charge” of their own income) have invested a lot of energy in the areas of personal growth and development.  The world of small business and referral networking can often be a tricky landscape to navigate without injury.  Why not learn from the masters of business as often as you like by climbing into their minds and borrowing from their wisdom?

These five books have significantly changed my life …

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How To Win Friends & Influence People (In The Digital Age) by Dale Carnegi 

41wg0ogdwl-_ac_us160_Originally published in the 1930’s, Carnegi’s book has proven that people still have the same basic needs then as they do today (in 2016).  Due to the point and click word of instant gratification, texting and social media sites, people today seem to have lost touch with the art of face-to-face interactions.  If having a positive influence on what happens in your own life and how you relate to people is important to you, don’t miss this one.

Go-Givers Sell More by Bob Burg & John David Mann

41ynq9j5-jl-_ac_us160_As the name implies, most professionals want to be “go-getters” who go out in the world, conquer and take what they want.  However, the world isn’t as friendly a place when you’re always taking from it. Burg’s book talks about being  a”go-giver”; one who becomes successful by giving to others.

Your Roadmap For Success by John Maxwell
41erabhtspl-_ac_us160_Feeling stuck?  Not sure if what you’re doing professionally is in alignment with who you are as a person?  Maxwell’s book is perfect to help peel back the layers of crud we’ve accumulated in our daily living and allows us to examine or lives and give us a map for new beginnings.



Rich Dad / Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

51m2u9ifmtl-_ac_us160_If you don’t fully understand how money works … the differences between types of income, etc., virtually no other book has helped simplify the concept of assets and liabilities than by Robert Kiyosaki sharing his personal journey in the highly entertaining Rich Dad / Poor Dad.

51ccfb-qbgl-_ac_us160_Traction: Get A Grip On Your Business by Gino Wickman

While computers have an operating system the ensures they run smoothly, most small businesses don’t.  That’s why the failure rate is so high!  They’re reacting and flying by the seat of their pants.  Wickman’s book Traction can help anyone from a startup business to an experienced business improve the way the business performs and help create a culture of abundance.  Gino gives away all the tools and formulas larger companies use to gain Traction.