This Caerusnetter Is Ready To Party Anytime

Wendy Griest absolutely loves kids, community, and connection.  As a person with high empathy, Wendy thrives on building positive relationships with others and loves nothing more than creating long lasting, beneficial relationships.  As a Caerusnet networking veteran and a person with marketing vision, Wendy saw an opportunity to bring joy into her community with her new business, Party in The House.  We had a chance to connect with Wendy and learn more about her new business and how it all got started.  If you have been ever been searching for a unique way to throw a party or truly impress your significant other with a creative picnic for two, Wendy would love to help make your memory forever lasting!


How long have you been in your profession and why did you start this business?

I have planned parties for family and friends for over 20 years and now I do it professionally. Party in the house began as an idea based on universal need for human interaction and familiar fun during an unprecedented time. Covid has rocked the world literally in our country seemed more divided than ever. Our communities were hurting.  Parents were and are still hurting because their kids are confused and unable to see extended family and friends, or even go to school at some points. Daily routines have been significantly disrupted. Weddings, birthday parties and even simple date nights were limited and restricted. Some small businesses closed or came close to closing and I just knew that I could make a difference in those areas.

What is the best thing about your business/career?

We have been blown away by the response from our clients, their friends, and our community. We have had moms cry out with joy.  Watching their little kids and seeing their expressions when they see their party for the first time brings us so much happiness. These parties have been great for kids to get back some sort of normalcy this year a party like ours is a way to remind your kids that they can still have fun with their friends and family but safely.

How are you different and/or what is your niche?

We have themes to suit adults and kids of all ages. Our most popular packages are kids slumber parties, adult slumber parties, charming indoor and outdoor picnics, moms or lady’s night out, date night in, and ‘mommy and me’ parties. We have many more themes broken up by age group on our website at and we do allow custom themes, for an up charge, if what we offer doesn’t suit your needs perfectly. We also have a lot of add-on entertainment from games, arts and crafts, character visits, karaoke machines, popcorn and cotton candy makers to cooking classes, psychic readings, cocktail making classes, Dj photo booths, mini photo shoot, private chefs and more.

What is your approach to positioning yourself as a resource in the community?

Giving back is everything to us. Our “Parties for a Purpose” program allows us to accept nominations for someone in your life who is going through immense hardship, illness, loss of a loved one or any life altering tragedy. We pick one winner each month for a free party with all the bells and whistles as our way of spreading hope, cheer, and joy. We aim to be a source of joy and happiness for everyone as we have all struggled through a truly crazy year. This program allows us to help those in need in a way that will brighten their spirits and it fits our one true mission which is to create and spread joy and smiles.

Share a success story about why giving referrals/bringing visitors are beneficial to you? Just today in my Caerusnet team a visitor was attending who is a DJ. It just so happens we are looking for a DJ vendor. You never know how the person you are bringing could connect and benefit those in your group. So, what do you have to lose by inviting them? Nothing!

Can you share how your Caerusnet members have positively influenced you or your business beside passing referrals?

I have been a Caerusnet Members for many years now. It is so inspiring to hear other Members sharing their successes and challenges.  We are very real with each other.   Caerusnet has given me so much in both my professional and my personal life.  I’m an entrepreneur and I can’t see my life without Caerusnet in it.  It has blessed me in so many ways.

What do you like best about being on a Caerusnet online team?

I have been a Member for many years and was accustomed to meeting in-person.  However, the online platform is so convenient for my busy lifestyle it is hard to not see the benefits of doing it this way

Your thoughts on passing referrals and inviting guests to the meetings?

Referrals are so important, whether big or small. There are so many ways to collaborate to benefit the people on your team for referrals. When you have a guest attending, you may think they will connect with certain members and be surprised at how many additional members are affected by their visit! Someone who recently visited one of my teams was not somebody I could connect with directly however they had so many people in their circle that they connected me with that I was able to add much needed vendors

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