Remember who told YOU about Caerusnet?

1471321_10201379783961977_1247120656_nby Steven Zyskowski

Last Thursday, the Plymouth/Canton 1PM team, which meets at the TCF Bank in Canton, had its first official meeting as new Caerusnet Members.  It was a huge success and they deserve it!

This lively group of professionals had met for months as a core group, starting out with just two or three core team Members.  Slowly and surely, over time, they added more like-minded professionals until they had 10+ Members.  Once they achieved this core goal of growing to 10 Members, the team had an orientation meeting where they learned how the regular meetings were going to run and then last week, they passed 30 referrals at their first, official team meeting!  Way to go, Plymouth/Canton!

The great thing about this team is that they’ve grown organically from within.  Virtually every Member was referred to the group by one of its core Members.  Rather than waiting for the world to find them, this team has been excellent at telling other professionals about the group and then urging them to visit.  The Members who’ve joined and are now getting referrals are very grateful someone was looking out for them and told them about Caerusnet.

Do you remember who told YOU about Caerusnet?  Are you taking the baton and paying it forward by sharing Caerusnet with others?  Referring other professionals to Caerusnet is an act of kindness that is deeply appreciated and remembered by the person you refer Caerusnet to.

In a closing note, the early results from the recent 2016 Caerusnet Member Survey have uncovered a very positive statistic.  Virtually 100% of all Caerusnet Members (past and present) surveyed so far have said “YES” they would recommend Caerusnet to others!

Please consider sharing this post on your social media accounts to help spread the word.  Caerusnet will always count on its Members to learn how develop a referral mindset and be advocates for the team they’re a part of.  It’s the only way we will continue to grow around here!