Caerusnet’s Michigan Facilitators are some of the best people you will ever meet in the local small business community.  They are people who LOVE relationships.  They love helping others and they love to lead!  If you know of a small business professional in your local community who doesn’t know about Caerusnet, please feel confident referring them to any of our Michigan Facilitators.  They are passionate about Facilitating referral team meetings for their Members because they, themselves, are also small business professionals and they can relate to the demands of today’s main street business world.  We are always looking to add great Members to our local teams and expand our footprint in Michigan.

Click this link to learn more about our Michigan Caerusnet Facilitators and THANK YOU for your continued support of Caerusnet referral teams.

Pictured here are Caerusnet Michigan Facilitators (and a few visitors) at the Winter 2018 Michigan Facilitator workshop in Brighton.  At the opt-in complimentary workshop, Facilitators shared their stories and worked on strategies for growing and managing their respective teams.  Together, we had fun, mastered the tools and increased our profit.

Know of someone who you think might make a good Facilitator or are you considering Facilitating a referral team yourself?  Click this link to learn more and/or share with a friend. 

As always, don’t let the world change your smile … use your smile to change the world.

Stay connected,

Founder & Facilitator / Caerusnet