Member Highlight: Doug Moffat Shares ‘Referability Habits’

Caerusnet Member Doug Moffat
shares the concept of ‘REFERABILITY HABITS”

Doug Moffat hates to miss his 8AM Wednesday CaerusNet referral team meeting in Brighton, but this morning he made an exception. Big Brothers & Sisters of America holds an annual Rise and Shine Breakfast in Ypsilanti and this is the second year that Doug has been involved with the organization. I asked him how the event was this year. “Breakfast was wonderful. It was a large group of about 250 people.  They hold the charitable event to solicit for donations and support- that’s how I’m involved. A couple years ago, a guy in our office was involved with them. I was invited to attend a golf outing put on by Big Brothers & Sisters and I really enjoyed what the organization did. I wanted to give back.”
That sounds like Doug. In his professional life, he gives peace of mind to his clients so they can carry on with their businesses and personal lives knowing they have their loved ones covered.  
Doug, how long have you been in your profession? Eighteen years.
That’s a long time! How did you get into life insurance? I started because of the advice and encouragement by my father (a life- long insurance agent, mostly life). My sister and I would go to his office. We had our own drawer to keep things in.
What do you think is the best thing about your business/career? The independence I have and ability to control my own schedule. Oh, and of course, the people I work with are great too.
So Doug, I have a few CaerusNet questions for you. Could you tell readers what it is about the CaerusNet model that you like most? I like that the meetings are facilitated, so I can just show up and focus on being myself – “the defensive specialist”. Also, the 1-hour format is so efficient and well balanced. We get a lot done in 60 minutes!
Do you have a success story about why giving referrals is beneficial to you? A couple years ago I was able to refer two couples to my friend and fellow inaugural member of CaerusNet, Steve Giroux. He sold both their houses within a month of each other. All parties were ecstatic, and it made me feel good to contribute to such a huge decision in their lives by making the introduction.
Giving is a huge part of CaerusNet. Sometimes members struggle with that part and ask for tips on how they can learn to find situations where they can create a referral or invite visitors. What would you say? I’m one of those people who believe God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason. Being a good listener creates opportunities because people are always talking about problems in their life, and with CaerusNet, you have a team of people who can provide solutions to those problems. Second, thinking of yourself and striving to be a Trusted Advisor makes a huge difference because people will ask you for help.
What is your strategy with your member minute and your spotlight presentation?  Being myself and allowing people to get to know me and trust me. Mixing up my member minute – trying to always have a message that is fun, informational, educational, relevant and helps that “light bulb go on” for other members of the group.
CaerusNet helps entrepreneurs and small business people get and stay connected within their community. What is your approach to positioning yourself as a resource in your community? The approach my Dad taught me from the very beginning of my career: (1.) Meet people (2.) Tell them who I am, who I represent, and what I do (3.) Ask them good questions and get to know them and their story. Find out if they have problems you might be able to solve (4.) Tell them you would like to be a resource for them (5.) keep in touch and follow up with them regularly! My business, like many others, is all about relationships. People do business with people they trust and who they like.If I were thinking about joining a referral team in order to grow my business, would you have any tips to share on how to be successful in CaerusNet? Yes, much like Strategic Coach, Dan Sullivan’s “Referability Habits”: (1.) Show up on time (2.) Do what you say (3.) Finish what you start (4.) Say please and thank you.

Thanks for that share! One last question Doug, and then I’ll let you get back to the important job of being the “defensive specialist”- please tell our readers how CaerusNet members have positively influenced you or your business besides passing referrals. I could probably write a few pages on this, but I will attempt to keep it brief. My estate plan is finally updated. Anytime I have an issue with my car, I call Dave, take it to Mazur and it gets taken care of. Our A/C at home was fixed 2 years ago for a fraction of what I thought. I would have had to replace it. Several of the members have supported my charitable interests – specifically the golf outing for my sister’s scholarship fund and the charity hockey game I play once a year against the Red Wings Alumni. I’ve enjoyed great fellowship over food and even the occasional beverage. Throughout the highs and lows of my business, I know I have a group of people who care about me, support me, and want to see me succeed. The value of CaerusNet could be summed up by the “Priceless” ending- like in one of those old MasterCard commercials!

Financial Representative, Doug Moffat Doug lives in Brighton with his wife Jennifer and their two daughters Audrey (14) and Josie (12). His office is in Ann Arbor, but his clients are located across Metro Detroit. [email protected]
Article written by Ava Zyskowski, CaerusNet Member & Facilitator