Limitless Referrals

by Steven Zyskowski1471321_10201379783961977_1247120656_n

One misconception I am faced with from time to time is when one seems to believe there’s a limitation on the number of referrals a referral team can pass before the good referrals and relationships are all used up … and there’s no referrals left for anyone.

Phooey and totally untrue!


I can demonstrate my belief with easy math and this explanation:

Each referral team Member has access to a minimum of 250 people in their network (friends, family, work, church, associations, clubs, etc) … most of whom YOU don’t know.

A referral team that grows to 25 Members then has the capacity to connect you with a diverse audience of 6,250 people (each knowing 250).   Think about that!  When you give a Member Minute … your audience is really several thousand people …. not just the ones attending the referral team meetings.  You’re ability to connect with and truly get to know, like and trust the other Members of the team (and likewise) will determine what percentage of these 6,250 people you will personally get to know by way of referral.

Your ability to make giving referrals an everyday part of your client interactions will also determine what percentage of these people you will gain access to.

Also, remember …. transition is always present on every referral team (Members quitting / new ones joining).  The dynamic of existing Members leaving and new Members entering the scene also increases the number people you will personally have access to through your networking efforts.   The number of contacts you will have access to through your referral team of 25 Members will increase to well over 6,250 people over time, as your team grows in size and as former Members continue to refer to you in the future.

Now knowing this, isn’t it worth the effort to continue to grow by referral and develop your referral mindset?  The sky is the limit to the number of referrals a referral team can pass.  Having the right attitude will determine the altitude at which you succeed.  Allow yourself unlimited thinking and always do your absolute best when presenting yourself to the team. Many of the relationships created by way of the CaerusNet Referral Team System will last a lifetime and gain in relationship value, so stay connected.