Examining Referrals With Dr. Jeff O’Boyle

Dr. Jeff O’Boyle is on the forefront of a new wave of entrepreneurial physicians.  He left the traditional model of insurance-focused medicine and started Beyond Primary Care in Ann Arbor, a subscription based, patient focused model of health care.  This model emphasizes doctor/patient relationships, affordable care and deep discounts on prescriptions.  Like most local business start-ups, Dr. Jeff wear many hats and is also in charge of marketing his family practice in the local Ann Arbor community and was referred to Caerusnet through the Michigan Small Business Development Center in Washtenaw County to help him do just that.  We had a chance to interview Dr. Jeff and learn more about his exciting new medical practice.

How long have you been in your profession?
I have been a physician for 5 years.  I worked in the insurance-based hospital systems for 4 years before going forward to open my own clinic, Beyond Primary Care in Ann Arbor. Beyond Primary Care is a new approach to family medicine and addiction medicine that creates the time and space your health deserves.  Every day, I strive to serve my patients, not the insurance companies.

How did you get into this field?
I trained in family medicine and addiction medicine because I want to provide excellent care by covering the vast majority of all medical needs and not just constantly referring my patients to specialist. I love taking care of individuals who are looking for individualized healthcare, a strong and seamless doctor-patient relationship, and affordable and accessible healthcare through the elimination of unnecessary overhead in the insurance model.

What is the best thing about your business/career?
The best part about opening Beyond Primary Care has been developing genuine relationships and long-term trust with my patients. My patients do not use my services for one-time visits or one-off concerns, as that leads people to only be reactive towards their health. Beyond Primary Care’s patients are committed to a membership model of care, which allows them to become proactive about their health and have discussions about making healthy lifestyle choices. Through this accessibility, I am able to reduce the main drivers of healthcare costs to patients.

What is it about the Caerusnet model that you like most?
The Caerusnet model brings together people who want to advance their business in the community. Team members all understand that the growth potential of clients is not efficiently done by simply waiting in an office or store for them to show up, but instead connecting with those potential clients through real relationships and personal interaction.

What is your strategy with your Member Minute and your Spotlight presentation?
When I present my Member Minute about Beyond Primary Care, I strive to make it understandable and memorable, while also leaving group members with a question they find themselves asking about my family medicine clinic. These questions fuel our next conversation.   For the Spotlight Presentation, I want to provide more clarity and intrigue about the deep value Beyond Primary Care provides its customers, as people generally want to buy things- not be sold things.

Any tips on how to be successful in Caerusnet?
The best advice is to actually show up and be present at a majority of the meetings. Being seen time after time builds familiarity and trust that you are committed to a process, and that those values extend to your business as well. Stay engaged when doing a trust builder, listen for shared beliefs and the story being told of the work. Being respectful of time is crucial, as being prompt in responding to emails, phone calls, and texts provides peace of mind to everyone.

Want to connect with Dr. Jeff?  You can find him attending most Tuesday 1PM Ann Arbor team meetings or click here for his Member listing.